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DC: Jason Todd

Marvel: Eddie Brock (as Venom)

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@olbassey said:


Incredible Hulk from Marvel.

And Harley Quinn from DC.

Both have volatile personalities and both are unpredictable.

What more could you ask for in a comic book character??

Wow between Hulk's Large Man boobs and Harley sharp boobs I can't tell which one throws me off the most

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@thexx said:


Male & Female: Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) & Black Widow

DC Comics

Male: Jason Todd (The Red Hood)

Female: Starfire

You must be a Red Hood and the Outlaws fan. I'm enjoying a lot myself. Great, underrated title.

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DC - Batman. Can't say more than has already been said.

Marvel - Punisher. Not a virtuous character, but he's generally portrayed very well.

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I don't want to say Batman and Spider-man because it sounds so cliche and unimaginative. But I also want to be honest, so Batman and Spider-man.

They're the two most popular of their respective companies for a reason ;)

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@extremis: Yeah I am big fan of Red Hood and The Outlaws. The series is one of the few DC titles I read actually. The other titles I read from DC are Deathstroke, Aquaman, & Team 7.

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DC: Superman

Marvel: Cyclops

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Captain Marvel and Spiderman

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Batman and Spider-Man. There are a bunch of other characters that I love too, but those 2 are definitely my favorites.

I've always found Spider-Man to be very relatable. In his personal life, he experiences the same problems that a lot of people have to go through. I've also always loved how his stories (his best stories anyway) can be so humorous one moment and then have extremely emotional moments the next. Through the years, I've laughed with him (and sometimes at him) and cried with him, and for that reason, Spider-Man will always be one of my favorites.

Batman is basically the ultimate paradigm of what someone could be if they set their mind to it. This drive has enabled him to be considered an equal to "gods" such as Superman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the Justice League. He's just an extremely cool dude with lots of amazing stories. He is easily my favorite superhero (though Spider-Man is a very close second).

Wolverine would probably be my third favorite (just in case anyone was curious).

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For Marvel: [Female] MEGGAN BRADDOCK and [Male] SYNCH/Everett Thomas - I'm a sucker for the Marvel "underdog" characters that have so much potential if writers just give them a chance.

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I like bad guys, especially when they're not truly bad and they are smart, so..

Marvel: Loki

DC: The Riddler.

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DC: Power Girl

Marvel: Giantman