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I personally don't have an absolute favorite, but these guys are certainly worth mentioning: 

Alex Ross 

 Jim Lee

 Gabriel Del Otto
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jim lee is tha man. he's been my number one since i set sights on his x-men. after him goes chris bachalo, then tha adam & andy kubert. and rounding out my top five is either jrjr, ed benes, or salvador larroca. i think tha last time i posted a top five list somewhere online, or at least thought about it, i may have had jrjr in tha fifth spot.

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Eric Powell! 
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Oh there are so many... 
Alex Ross, 
Adi Granov, 
Shinkiro (Capcom artist) 
Sana Takeda 
and Billy Tan to name a few.
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Francis Manapul 
Why?  Because his artwork is AWESOME!!!!!!!

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1. Adam Kubert (Hulk run is the greatest) 
2. Billy Tan (X-Men especially) 
3. Mark Bagley (Defined Spider-Man for years to come) 
4. Mike Deodato Jr. (Just look at anything he does) 
5. Jim Lee ( The best of the original Image guys) 
S/N: Steve Skroce is a sentimental favorite of mine for his Amazing Spider-Man run

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Jack Kirby! When I think of comics, his striking signature imagery is one of the first things that pops into mind.  
I do agree with just about everyone above and all your picks definitely belong in the pantheon of great artists, but I gotta stick with the King. lol. 

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Mike Choi - especially when combined with Sonia Oback's colors.

X-Force #17
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@JediXMan said:
"Mike Choi - especially when combined with Sonia Oback's colors.

X-Force #17

I was gonna figure out who drew this to post here :P
I also like who is drawing the New Avengers. 
Ian Churchill 
Jim Lee  
and I am definitely forgetting someone.
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Mike Choi is amazing, no?
Jim Lee is great too. But consistently, I prefer Choi's work. Something about Lee's male jaws that I don't always care for (depends on the comic. I loved his work on Hush)
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Sorry, but there are so many threads called 'Favorite Artist'.  Yu ocan still search for Topics in the main Search Box:   Favorite Artist