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I think the Joker gets too much credit. He's great but Batman has other awesome villains that aren't as played out.

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Joker and lex Luther.  

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Yeah, I put in a vote for Thanos as well. I actually quite like Thanos, but he's given too much credit under his own power.
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Apocalypse is way overrated. Guy launches useless schemes and then has to take a nap for a few decades. Yea really someone to worry about here.

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I just got finish reading all the Secret Invasion books and I have to say the Skrulls. All I heard was how smart and sneaky and strong they were and with pretty much every advantage you could get in war they failed horribly. The humans were even fighting each other part of the time and they still won. I'm sorry but when you have key spots(the replacements they made), the people you attack are at their weakest(secret war, house of m, civil war, WWH, and losing Cap and Thor), and you you have the element of surprise, yet you still get your a** handed to you, you get knocked down more then a few levels in my book

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Gotta agree with the Thanos & Apocalypse comments.
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Hush and Dr Hurt. 
New villains are hard to get right.

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Thanos, though people have already mentioned him. 
I don't think Apocalypse is that overrated though, it's so up and down. Some people think he can't handle the x-men, where as others mean he could solo the Justice League. People get different impressions of him and his power level I suppose. Tyrant gets overrated a LOT.

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@Gylan Thomas said:
"Hush and Dr Hurt.  New villains are hard to get right. "

Idk to me Hush is one of Batman's best (before he decided to look like Bruce). I'd say Jason Todd. I love the early version of Red Hood but somewhere in between the end of battle for the cowl and Batman and Robin he became too crazy and it seemed everyone was trying to make him the new Joker or something.
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Thanos and Doom, nuff said. They get away with so many victories they never should have because of PIS

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Lex Luthor and Dr. Doom.
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I put in a vote for Doctor Doom as well.
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Apocalypse  is super overrated for me 
mostly because he's overused 
as it most of the X-portion of the marvel U

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The Void.
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@Xi Felix:
yeah, for someone who was hyped up as much as he was 
he didn't really do all that much evil 
I mean, he was a terrible threat, I guess 
but he never really got to do all that much 
oh well, at least he's gone......for now......
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Yeah. He defeats Molecule Man, and destroys Asguard, but gets taken out......by a Helicarrier? (Hahahaha)
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@Xi Felix:
yeah, it was a whole lot of build up with no pay off 
I hate that
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the void was the worst hands down he was not even interesting

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@Nerx said:
" Darkseid "
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@karrob said:
" @Nerx said:
" Darkseid "
say what????? 
one of the most powerful evil beings in the universe 
who's put our entire planet in peril more times that Brett Michael's has bandanas 
who has been searching his entire existance for the Anti-life equation 
who can beat Superman in a fight 
who has eyebeams that kill jsut about anything 
 .......is overrated?
uh, say what?
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As far as I'm concerned, Killer Croc has always been overrated(yes, even now). He's a cannibal with severe egsima.
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@Xi Felix: 
and it's just such a tired concept    

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Carnage(basically Venom re-packaged for the 90s).
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the  Green Goblin    and  Magneto    

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The Joker, no contest.

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@Lucky Arrow said:

the  Green Goblin    and  Magneto    

Neither of those characters are overrated. They deserve the attention they get.
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 "whats the most overrated ________"
 "whats the most popular ________" 

Two questions which people generally answer in exactly the same way.

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@Icemizer said:
" Apocalypse is way overrated. Guy launches useless schemes and then has to take a nap for a few decades. Yea really someone to worry about here. "
LMAO. I agree.
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I'd have to say the Joker.

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Damnit people, the Void is a great villain, when he actually follows the rules Jenkins laid out; ie: he is a separate entity. Bendis is an idiot that can't write team books. Siege is the worst comic ever written. The end. Move on.

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Deadpool.  it just too much of him for my taste
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deadpool dr.doom and doomsday
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I never liked Thanos and I do believe he is overrated.

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"Deadpool.  it just too much of him for my taste "
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Yeah, I liked Joker better when I just thaught of him as just another one of Batman's villains. He was one of my favorites, but I wasn't like "OMG, the Joker! Batman's best, most important villain!" He really steals the spotlight. When I went back and rewatched some 90's Batman series, I was kind of disapointed by his episodes, since I had this impression built up in my mind since I'd last seen it.
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Mr Mind...he's an intelligent worm!!
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Power-wise or popularity-wise.

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I also say Apocalypse.
He's always doing something like getting punked by Stryfe or making idiotic decisions like making angel the leader of his horsemen. ANGEL, IT'S A DUDE WHO FLIES. Come on 'poccy, what kind of idiot are you?

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 Lex Luthor without question, so he is smart and manipulative....shock horror  

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the most over rated villen has got to be red skull he is so lame he donsent even have power and capted amer all was beats him 
so he has got to suck bad if that happens. 
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um the most overrated villan is  
the penguin he is lame who 
in their mind would be 
ib sesed with penguins.
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@Xi Felix:
I agree with killer croc. I feel like slapping anyone who this thinks chump is better than lizard because hes a batman villan.
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Darkseid, Lex Luthor, Annihilus (granted if it wasn't for him Nova wouldn't be so bad ass), The Magus, Magneto (are you good or evil pick one please) those are just a few off the top of my head.

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Sentury, Norman Osborn, Sinestro, Captain Marvel

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I guess really there is alot of them. 
For Spiderman I think it would be Green Goblin and Venom. They really got to much play. Then with the Green Goblin it almost seems like they dont know where to stop. Considering they had the Grey goblin and I cant remember what his sister was calling himself. Thats just taking it to far.

Batman I honestly do think that Joker is the most sinister being in the DC universe but he would be even better if they didnt use him as much as they did. Considering Batman has even more deadlier villians in his rogue than anybody. Take Killer Croc and Man-Bat. I would like to see Killer Croc get used more. It would be awesum but would never happen if Man-Bat could somehow take control when he was a monster and then find Killer Croc and make a team. 
Then for the X-Men I think Magneto got way to much credit. Honestly he isnt that bad of a bad guy if you really think about it. Apocalypse Favorite villian for the X-Men. Did he get to much play yea he did but you know what hes the best mutant villian they have. I really wish they would make somebody worse than Apocalypse though. Somebody older.