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...Lady's and gent's the doctor is in..

1) Personality - All knowing, wise, reformed dick(gotta love a dickhead that changes his ways) 8/10

2) Costume - Dude looks like he is in all silk like a magic Hugh Hefner.. Drawn by Ditko= 9/10

3) Ride - Cloak of levitation+ Astral projection 10/10

4) Identity- THE SORCERER SUPREME 10/10

5) Bonus badass stuff- Trinkets and Toys(Cloak of Levitation,Eye of Agamotto,Book of Vishanti..ex..ex) 10/10

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1. Personality- cold, distant, and in constant pain due to PTSD . He has good reason behind his rage and an affective method behind his madness. He does get results because he flat out kills the killers, rapists,

and pedophiles.

2. Costume- iconic all black with skull.

3.Ride- rapist van with more weapons than an army base in it.

4. Identity- no secret identity. Frank Castle. Ex- Marine with no super powers. Just rage.

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  1. Hit-Girl
  2. Eternal Warrior

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Punisher, Easily or Wolverine Frank is No.1, Logan is No.2.

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Kid Omega

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@thitiki: Who? , Anyway Patrick Jane if he Counts as a Superhero or John Constantine:


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The Man of Steel - Superman
  • One - Personality:He has the power of a god, and the heart of a man. Humble, courageous and self-sacrificing to the end. He has his moments where he can be cocky, arrogant or prideful - just like any man looking at himself in the mirror, but at his core, he possesses the traits that embody the hero that every man and woman would strive to be, and can be, on out best days. He looks for the best just as he hopes for it, but won't hesitate to kick some serious ass when innocents are at stake. And that's what makes this demigod the one hero everybody looks up into the sky to see.
  • Two - Costume:Whether classic or modern, Superman's costume speaks beyond the aesthetics. His cape was the last physical memento given to him by his dying parents before they saved him. Indestructible and branded with the "S" shield, it's arguably the most long-lasting facet of his costume throughout history. His classic costume was the perfect testament to his adopted parents; they made it out of their love for him and desire for others to see him as the hero he could be. And in the end, that costume, and the feelings that made it, would always be with him. His modern costume is like the Excalibur of his family's legacy. Ceremonial armor that honors his parents, heritage, and the history he never got to truly know, he wears it proudly like a lawman's badge. When he wears the crest of the House of El with that armor, he surpasses local, national and even Earthly boundaries. He brings hope to all, becoming the living embodiment of what his ceremonial suit represents.
  • Three - Ride:Men ride in cars, ships, spacecrafts and all manner of vehicles in-between. But not a one of those can hold a candle to the most exotic, adaptable and ubiquitous ride that Superman owns; gravitons. Particles of the fundamental forces of gravitational fields omnipresent in-throughout the universe, through conscious thought and willpower alone, Superman can harness the ambient gravitons around him like the steering wheel in a driver's hands, using them to take him anywhere - from the depths of the oceans to the edge of the skies and outer space and beyond. No set of wheels can compare to that.
  • Four - Appearance: Even the most straight lady-loving man will say without hesitation - Superman is one helluva good-looking fella. Standing tall beyond six feet, a grand physique, jet-black hair and - according to Martha Kent - supernaturally blue eyes, Superman even has the looks down for the greatest superhero there ever was.
  • Five - Alternate Identity:Hidden in plain sight has never taken such a literal meaning as Superman's alternate persona, for Superman is three men in one. To the spectators of the superhuman world, he is Superman, the champion of Earth and its mightiest hero. To the universe at large, he is Kal-El, the last of the Kryptonian race and one of the strongest beings alive. And to the people of Earth in common, he is Clark Kent, a blogger and investigative journalist. He juggles all three, using various means - from using his superpowers at large or the more subtle deception on the physical level - to disguise himself without resorting to the typical masks. Greatest of all, not a one are truly false identities, for he is all three in different ways. He grew up Clark Kent of Smallville, he became Superman of Earth, and he will always be Kal-El of Krypton.

And this, imo, is what makes Superman the most badass of them all

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He's so Bada** they won't even put him in the justice league movie.

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Thing or Green Arrow

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Badass is about style really. Overcoats, fingerless gloves, headbands, eyepatches, cigars, collapsible staves, katanas on the back, varieties of half-masks or bandanas, etc...

T-800 from T2 pretty much sets the standard.

thatas exactly what i was trying to tell them, but no one was listening...

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Well if we go by style has anyone mentioned Blade?

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Daredevil or The Punisher

I'll add Cassandra Cain to the mix:

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Score > Infinite

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@bob808: the more hit girl i see, the more i hate her

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Well me excluded, I'd say Hawkman gets an 11 on everything. Especially in his Brighest Day costume.