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Guys this topic is bugging me for a week who is the ultimate villain of all time in Comic Book world.Personally for me its a tie between Joker and Thanos. what you guys think? You can pick any villain from Darksied,Thanos,Beyonder,Brainiac to Red skull,Lex luthor,Kingpin,Magneto or even Bullseye and Bane. I have to know. Don't write from Marvel or DC point of view, Decide from entire comic book world.

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Magneto or Lex Luthor or Darkseid or Dr Doom , for me its a tie between these four :(

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@judasnixon: Lol

OT: Popularity wise, Joker no contest. In terms of success/threats, I'd have to say Dr. Doom, Darkseid, or Thanos. Probably Darkseid. But that's just my opinion.

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Dr Doom- he wrecks everyone's $&%£, but they can't do anything because he has diplomatic immunity. I loved his portrayal in The Avengers EMH.

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Dr Doom

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Dr. Doom

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In terms of success, I have to go with Kang the Conqueror. He has actually conquered hundreds of worlds throughout time with current earth being the exception. He did conquer it for a few months in Kang Dynasty but the treachery of his son allowed for the Avengers to turn the tide.

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H/P Doomsday

These four almost literally cannot be stopped. Joker, Lex, Doom, Ras, and others alike, can be killed it's just that no one will do it.
*Note: I don't know many Marvel villains.

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@oscars94 said:

Dr Doom- he wrecks everyone's $&%£, but they can't do anything because he has diplomatic immunity. I loved his portrayal in The Avengers EMH.

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Definitely Dr. Doom.

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Magneto. He is by far one of the most justifiable villains to ever exist.

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Magneto is my favorite.

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Darkseid he's the God of evil.

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He needs no introduction.

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The Joker going by pure staying power, character interest and popularity by comic fans and non comic fans alike.

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#3 Doom

#2 Joker

#1 Magneto

Racob has spoken

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The Joker is an excellently written character who effortlessly portrays the true insanity and all the evil it can bring -- A walking agent of chaos who doesn't "play by his own rules", but refuses to acknowledge anything that structured. Your average boring villains opt to kill for personal gain or due to a personal vendetta— but the Joker does it simply to get a laugh. Look in the dictionary, I'll show you! "The Joker" is the definition of a scene-stealing, deliciously wicked character. His unpredictable nature endorsing his capacity for incredible violence n' chaos is NOT the only thing that defines him as the best. He has DEPTH. He has LAYERS. THE JOKER IS AN ONION!!!!!!

.....why an onion? Because he makes me cry; when I express my worship for the Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time.


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Depends on what we judge greatness by -

The will to succeed? Tie between Lex Luthor and Dr. Doom.

The ability to produce chaos? Joker

Sheer awesome might and maximum damage done to the universe? Thanos & Darkseid are your best bets.

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Loki,Magneto,Professor Zoom,MirrorMaster,Ocean Master,DR Doom,Count Dooku

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The curse,Light yagami,Madara,Alucard,Zera,Reedemer

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1. Magneto

2. Joker

3. Dr. Doom (personal favorite)

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For me, it's a tie between

Dr. Doom

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It doesn't even have to be said.

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Dosen't Matter if it's from Image, Marvel, DC, Dynamite, Dark Horse, Vailant or Chaos! I believe that Thanos is the greatest of all time, I mean if you look at his resume at the things he's done & accomplished in his own universe the things are insane. Heck I think he can even build something that would make him cross into other Comic Universe & create terror there, That's how deadly I feel Thanos can be when at his absolute best. Thanos FTW!!