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Who is your favorite character?

Why is it them? and what is the best series or run of them to get...

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Hal Jordon

Because his an intergalactic police officer with a cocky personality who disobeys authority without hesitation and possesses a ring that can literally do anything.

Too many to name

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I have too many favorite characters to do this...

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Aquaman and Spider-Man.

Aquaman is a man who struggles between two allegiances: the Atlanteans and the Humans, both who he obligations too. He is constantly torn between choosing sides and they also conflict with his own desires to simply live with Mera in peace.

My love of Spider-Man was passed down to me from my dad who's a huge fan. I'll go into detail if you want, but its pretty easily to see why people like him.

Best Aquaman runs are Peter David's run in the 90's and Geoff Johns run that just ended.

Best Spider-Man run is JMS (imo) for 616 and Bendis USM run.

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I've really liked Raven's character lately, she's probably my favorite.

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My favorite superhero is Wolverine and what I really think he represents is never giving up. Throughout his life he has lost family members, his girlfriends, had memory wiped and was brainwashed to be a mindless killing machine and yet he never gave up and just became a killing machine.

I also think that Wolverine represents not giving up in the way he fights. No matter how much bigger, stronger, or faster Wolverine's opponents are than him, he'll never back down from a fight or give up. He'll keep coming at you until he's beat you.

The last thing I think Wolverine represents is the fact that people can change and become better people. Despite Logan's past as a black ops team member who often committed heinous murders and other bad things, he has gone beyond that lifestyle and is now a big part in achieving mutant freedom with the X Men. To top it off, he even is now the headmaster of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, and is trying to continue Professor X's dream for mutants.

That's what my favorite hero represents to me, what does your favorite hero represent to you.

For getting into Wolverine, I'd recommend Origin by Paul Jenkins, Logan by Brian K. Vaughn, Weapon X by Barry Windsor Smith, Wolverine by Chris Claremont, Old Man Logan by Mark Millar Jason Aaron's Wolverine run, and Frank Tieri's Wolverine run.

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Manchine of course

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Green Hornet

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@wolverine08: I like Raven for similar reasons. It doesn't matter how you were born or what people tell you you're destined for, you can always acheive greater and follow your own path.

It's really inspiring to see a character that was sired by a world-consuming demon, and is told she will be the conduit for the end of the world and cause the death of all her friends, but strives for greater things and works beyond that. Similar to Wolverine, I'd say.

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Spider-Man cuz he can thwip

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Superman is by far my favourite superhero. He uses his powers to protect a world foreign to him.

Read Superman: Earth One. Superb art and one of the best stories.

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mine are batman because hes had so much bad things happen to him, his family was killed. his son and parents, his ward was killed. After all of that hes just a man, it could really happen, it wont but its not like hes superman. Bruce never gives up, has a plan for everything and is a freaking bad a**.

I like conan alot. Robert e howard his creator believed that being a barbarian is natural for humans and civilization is not... this could not be any more true. Conan is a barbarian an ancient bada** and the epitome of a freaking man.

I like wolverine but havent really read many of his comics i just dont know where to start.

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Joker. He has also been through a lot, worse than a lot of characters, and yet he still thrives the only way he can. Its basically just survival of the fittest, and he is fighting to be the fittest in Gotham. Face it- if you were a crazy person and someone MADE YOU THAT WAY, you would want to get revenge.

Fav. story of his for me would be The Killing Joke. An easy classic.

I also love his role in the Elseworlds story 'the Nail.'

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Batman. Nuff said.

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Superman. Been with me since I was very little, sticks with me now. He's the pure hearted, incorruptible being (except in Elsewhere stories) who will do the ultimate good. He's also the most iconic and popular superhero (With Batman, Wonder Woman, and Spiderman not far behind... okay, maybe they are VERY far behind... ...except for Batman, because he's Batman.)

All Star Superman was great, especially the ending since it portrayed his character very well. Another good story would be the Pre Crisis story For the Man Who Has Everything (the show Justice League Unlimited did an awesome remake of the story for their first episode - Dem feels).

Also, you can't deny that classic curl.

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X-23 -- Innocence Lost

Elektra - Dark Reign

Daken - Dark Wolverine (only up until he leaves Madripoor -- the rest of the run is just all shades of wrong)

I would get into Wolverine and Rogue but they have a lot a runs which show them in a great light. I can't narrow down my favourites.