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post probably have been done before but whatever.

to me the greatest most defiant writer has to be grant morrison; the way he wrote batman stories had such a mystery, creepiness and darkness that really captured what batman was all about and i don't think will ever be repeated. I reallly havent read that much of morrison yet (batman and son, batman and reobin run, RIP [fav book], his JLA run) but from what i read no one tops him

honorable mention: Jeph Loeb: Long halloween is my all time favorite batman story and dark victory and hush are up there too. Loeb wrote good detective stories even though batman never figured out the real killer in LH.

and scott snyder: he is really having a great run right now, court of owls and zero year have been great. when its all said and done this man will be a top 3 batman writer of all time (maybe even number one in others opinion).

who is the batman writer for you?

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Grant Morrison, IMHO.

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Nice, I basically agreed with everything you said-Grant Morrison is the best Batman writer IMO

But I suppose you also have to give mention to people like Frank Miller, and Dennis O' Neil

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Loeb, simply cause Long Halloween is my favorite Batman story.

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Gotta' be Grant Morrison, with the exception of Batman Incorporated which I just couldn't get into.

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morrison's run: best ever

miller's year one: greatest ever STORY

miller's TDKR: most INFLUENTIAL story

snyders run: most consistently good so far

best batman writer?

dini and timn for their interpretation in BTAS

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For me, its Chuck Dixon because he incorporated the Bat-family in his work on Detective as well as wrote for most of them in their solos too. That is probably why the 90s Bat-family crossovers were so good compared to the 2000s. I'd even go as far as to say he is the man that modernized the Bat-family when you consider that before the last few arcs of Knightfall, Nightwing had barely made much of an appearance in a Bat-book since his departure as Robin. As for Grant Morrison, I am one of those people that hate his Batman saga. I just didn't like the changes he made, or the characters he created and I am not into his writing style. His stories just weren't my cup of tea. I do like Snyder's Batman stuff when he was writing for Dick-Bats. I haven't read New 52 Batman yet since I am currently not reading New 52 so I can't judge Snyder's current run.

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Grant Morrison.

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I still think it was Steve Englehart. Few runs in a character's history actually change the way the character is viewed. Englehart did that with his Detective run in the 70's. I think that's the Batman that BTAS borrowed. It's when Batman started to become the "Dark Knight". It's a historical run that doesn't get enough love. The O'Neil/Adams run earlier was great for redefining the villains. That's when the Joker became the whack-o he's been since. Recently, I think it's the present writer, Scott Snyder.

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morriso n or any loeb stuff, big hush guy

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Grant Morrison. He really has a great understanding of what Batman means, probably on a higher level than any other author. To me it's pretty apparent in Batman R.I.P.

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scott synder !

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I love Morrison's R.I.P and everything leading up to it so I have to say him.
Snyder is my second favorite, Black Mirror is my favorite Batman story, and I really enjoy his work on Joker and creation of the Court of Owls.

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I like Loeb, his stories for Batman were great Batman detective stories with a dash of noir and horror.

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@juliedc: you have to get the court of owls trade, easily one of the top 5 batman arcs

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Dixon and Snyder the really have understood the bat and the entire legend part more than anything. And Dixon was good cause he really found a balance not to much gore and death but enough to make the villians threatening.

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I hated Morrison, but then again, I almost never like his stuff. After Final Crisis, particularly. I can't remember a writer that had me consinstently say "wow, this story is great". All writers had good and bad times. I am actually enjoying Snyder's work very much. It has a distinctive touch.

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Denny O' Neil.

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I have to agree with you about Morrison, R.I.P. was one of the first Batman graphic novels I read when I started reading comics and it was awesome, there are other good Batman stories but nothing has lived up to it yet.

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As it stands, I don't currently have a definitive favorite. Snyder is quickly becoming so though. He shows that he understands the character of Batman and his motives, and his consistency in writing great story after great story is incredible.

I didn't like Morrison's writing style (i.e. the actual way he composed and told the stories), but I did like his take on Batman's character/personality probably more than any other writer's. If his writing was not so much of a chore to get through at times, he would be my favorite Batman writer.

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Morrison for sure, his Batman has been the definitive Batman for me for about 5 or 6 years now

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My top 5:

1. Paul Dini

2. Scott Snyder

3. Jeph Loeb

4. Frank Miller (for year one and tdkr)

5. Dennis O'Neil

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Scott Snyder, Paul Dini, and Frank Miller.

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I think Scott Snyder is my favorite writer so far.

Frank Miller is probably second for writing TDKR and Year One

Jeph Loeb third for TLH, Dark Victory, and hush

I don't really like how Morrison wrote Batman, it was a little confusing and weird for me. I liked how he wrote Batman's personality.

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Morrison, Dini and Miller have had the most stand out interpitations imo.

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Scott snyder

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Morrison, Dini and Snyder.

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Goeff Johns

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Morrison easily.

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Kevin Smith...... (Runs away laughing)

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Jeph Loeb

Grant Morrison

Scott Snyder

Peter J. Tomasi

Paul Dini

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Kevin Smith...... (Runs away laughing)


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Well, Loeb wrote Hush, and that's my favorite Batman story.

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Pre-senile Frank Miller.

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It's either Frank Miller or Chuck Dixon.

Frank Miller's Year One and The Dark Knight Returns are two of the best stories about Batman ever made, and TDKR is the best graphic novel ever as for me.

Chuck Dixon due to Knighfall wich i love and hail

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Grant Morrison. Was going to give it to Frank Miller, for having a part in defining who the current batman is as a character, But Morrison has played a part in that too, and has consistently written deep, complex, amazing bat stories, even going all the way back to Gothic and Arkham Asylum.

After those two, Scott Snyder.

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Grant Morrison. Arkham Asylum and his Batman run are fantastic.

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