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i prefer cassandra to any other batgirl. steph close second. last babs.

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Cass Cain for me.

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Barbara all the way

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Barbara is the best.

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@TDK_1997 said:

Barbara is the best.

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Don't know much about the other Batgirls (although in the cartoons I watched it was Barbara and I read Batgirl Year One) but I just finished Stephanie Brown's Batgirl series and I loved it. Been wanting to find Cassandra's Batgirl series.

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I'm most familiar with Barbara, but I prefer her as Oracle. I'll go with Stephanie.

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Barbra Gordon hands down.

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Stephanie,personality wise.

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I like Babs as Oracle, leading the Birds. My favorite Batgirl is Cassandra Cain. Stephanie Brown I prefer as a supporting character for Cass, as Spoiler.

Batgirl knocking Spoiler out
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Stephanie Brown.

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@JohnnyWalker said:

i prefer cassandra to any other batgirl. steph close second. last babs.

Same for me, but I hate to say as I like Cassandra for different reasons that I like Steph.

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Cassandra Cain

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I like Cassandra Cain as Batgirl.

Barbara was more kick-ass as oracle.

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Cassandra, no doubt.

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Cassandra's character is the one has more potential, for me she is the best Batgirl.

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Mental: Babara Gordan
Physical: Cassandra Cain
Entertainment: Stephanie Brown 
Thing is though I don't think there should be a Batgirl. 
Babs should be Oracle 
Steph should be Spoiler 
Cass should be something else. Not Blackbat. That's just a terrible name.

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A tie between Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown.

Cassandra for physical prowess, Stephanie for personality

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@Dernman: I agree with you

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I have to said Cain for the win. First read about her in "Bruce Wayne: Fugitive" and loved her. She is the only character I can see surpassing Batman. Not only do I think she was the best Batgirl, but she also has the most potential out of most of, if not all, Batman's proteges (spelling?). Barbara was great as a Batgirl but she urk me, but I love her as Oracle and I found Stephine to be annoying with occasional humor. I don't know much about Huntress's run as Batgirl but I assumed the costume didn't change much to her methods and personality. Cassandra was, is, and (unless I start writing for Batgirl) will be the best Batgirl?

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Cassandra Cain

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Cassandra Cain

Babs is much better as Oracle

Stephanie is better as Spoiler and Cass sometimes partner

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Stephanie of course

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Okay, I've been hearing this alot, especially with how people say that Barbara is better as not only as Oracle but as a disabled heroine, which taken away from in Gail Simone's Batgirl is a step down... so does that make Steph or Cassie better, or who is better than the other? Oh that's easy... Bette Kane/Flamebird. D

Seriously, It doesn't matter, they are all great Batgirl's just in different ways! In the case of Babs, she's the most iconic, the one who people know the most, and while I feel that not only healing her takes away the disabled diversity in comics, but also downgrades her as a character in terms of pre-reboot, It's still kinda good to see her with the cowl again so long as she's written properly (Thank You Gail Simone)

While with Cassandra Cain... Of course, she's tough, she's silent, she's one not to come across in a dark ally if your being a jerk.

And Stephenie is cute, she's funny, she's energetic, she's fun!

So by their own right they are all Batgirl to me.

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Cassandra Cain easily since she's the one who made the Batgirl mantle respectable. She's also so badass that she made Robin look obsolete. I can't ditch Stephanie since she's the light of the Batman Family.

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Steph or Babs. Leaning towards Steph.

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Babs, not even close.

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I prefer Cassandra with Barbara as her mentor.

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Barbara with Steph in second