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Who is faster?

Both have shown to go 3 times the speed of light in Space, and teleport.

Thor has better reaction time, but GL's ring can make auto shields and shoot auto blasts....So who's faster?

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You have to define what you mean by "faster."
Faster as in, "Can fly faster?"  "Can run faster?"  "Can react and move faster?"
Technically, when ti comes to speed as a measure of the rate of change of an objects position,  there is no such thing as ''faster than teleportation."  
You say they both fly faster than the speed of light (and this is without traveling through time?)  then it sounds like a tie when it comes to flying..
You say they both teleport, well you have another tie.
Now, if you're talking about sheer reaction time and speed at which they can move their hands and feet to accomplish specific tasks?  Well, this is only a guess, but Thor is a god...  A Green Lantern isn't...  Does the ring give the wearer increased reaction and speed?  If so, then shouldn't all Green Lanterns be speedsters?  So, just guessing, but I'd have to go with Thor on that one...

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Thor's faster.

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(Me thinking): "Where is that scan with Wolverine?" *searching Comicvine*

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@XLR87T3 said:

(Me thinking): "Where is that scan with Wolverine?" *searching Comicvine*

Lol'd at Thor has better reaction time. While you're at it, find some with Spider-Man and Black Panther

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Ultimate Warrior. Its all that muscle in the thighs.

Though yeah, sorry to be that guy, but fictional characters. Who is physically prettier between Thor and Green Lantern? Objective factual answers only... well I suppose depends on the artist eh? Like Wolverine was mentioned, the guy who wrote that Thor/Wolverine story (Frank Tieri) is about as good with Marvel consistency as Bendis, I mean I am pretty sure (someone correct me if wrong) he was the guy that figured Marrow would be even cooler pretty, using him as a good source for Thor is like using Matt Fraction for a good source on Emma Frost and Bendis as a good source on Bucky. Or Sentry. Can't really dismiss it though. Characters are characters are characters and their writers are writers are writers are Word of God. Just they all conflict, contradict, affirm and deny each other.

In my opinion, whatever answer will make you feel happier and warm and fuzzy on the inside? Have that be your answer and if anyone tells you differently scream FICTIONAL CHARACTERS at them in five different languages until they back away slowly... **backs away slowly**

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@ThunderGodsWrath: Why?

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@Clark_EL said:

@ThunderGodsWrath: Why?

Thor was not meant to be fast. While Green Lanterns are always flying at high speeds.

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I think Thor can straight up travel faster, but speed in a fight is slow.