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I want to know who in comic and manga gives the best speeches and have the best quotes. Personally I favor Makarov Dreyar from fairy tail.

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This is from a movie, but it's still a comic character:

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in general, manga main characters are always better in speech than Comic characters, there is soooo many i can't think of one :P mmm what's about Naruto and his Nindo. he's the best i could thought of now.

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Storm has done a lot of good quotes and speech.

like in UMVC3:

"I may treasure peace but I am very good at making war."

"Those who challenge me fight the very elements of Earth herself."

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cap america and supes say some nice things

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@Jorgevy said:

cap america and supes say some nice things


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Nobody beats Cap.

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Professor Xavier. Too lazy to pull up anything. Just gotta believe me. Or not.

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Spider Jerusalem 
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Sense you're counting mangas might as well count anime.No characters come close to the coolness that hapens when Lelouch Lamperouge talks in Code Geass.

In comics I think Cyclops has always had some cool speeches. (skip to 6:15)

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Joker, Superman, Odin, Captain America, Batman...

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Best speaker? Why, the Joker of course!

His speeches have a wonderful swirl of spontaneous word-choice, beeeautifully dark humor, and unparalleled logic! This is his famous speech that drove me insane!

Here are some of my favorite Joker Quotes:

"If the police expect to play against the Joker, they had best be prepared to be dealt from the bottom of the deck!"

"Batman! I accuse you of interfering with the right of criminals to commit crimes!"

"Zip-a-dee-do-da, zip-a-de-oom, my-o-my, what a wonderful boom …"

"All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That's how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day."

"I'm not exactly sure what happened. Sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another ... If I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!"

"It's all a joke! Everything anybody ever valued or struggled for... it's all a monstrous , demented gag! So why can't you find the funny side?"

"I did it! I finally killed Batman! In front of a bunch of vulnerable, disabled, kids!!!! Now get me Santa Claus!"

"I believe that whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you...stranger."


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"I am Vengeance. I am the Night. I am Batman!"

That is all.

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Whenever he says anything it really brings the house down.

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Superboy Prime has the best quote ever.

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@ImmortalOne said:

Superboy Prime has the best quote ever.


@End_Boss said:

Nobody beats Cap.

I agree. Captain America is easily the best comic book speaker.

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@End_Boss said:

Nobody beats Cap.

I dunno Man, Superman has some good stuff. 
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I'd also like to submit for your consideration, Light Yagami.