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This isn't 'who CAN do the most powerful thunderclap?', this is 'who has DONE the most powerful thunderclap?'.

If you have the scan to backup your argument, please provide it.

If you want to argue who is capable of the most powerful thunderclap, there is already a thread. Here is the link:THUNDERCLAP

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Hulk comes to mind here.

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Not sure if it really counts, but Hulk did 'thunderclap' this:

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  • Snuffing out Dormammu's head (see above).
  • Deflecting Night Crawler's sonic attack which than destroyed the dimension/universe they were in.
  • Defeating Rulk (w/Loeb force) with a thunderclap

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I would think Hulk probably considering that he does them pretty regularly.

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Didn't hulk destroy a picket dimension

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This is a Hulk signature move !

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@kgb725 said:

Didn't hulk destroy a picket dimension

This typo is Amazing.

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Hulk wins.

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One of Hulk's thunderclaps was so powerful that it "put the fiercest hurricane to shame."

As a point of reference your average hurricane generates 12,000 megatons of force.