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Poll: who has better writer's dc comics or marvel (28 votes)

dc comics 64%
marvel 36%

i know this is being done right now i just think it should be a poll so i made one

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Neither. It's pretty much dead even.

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Gotta say Marvel on this one. DC have better artists instead.

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Writers move around a lot don't they? Are there any writers that work solely for one publisher?

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All time?

I say DC.

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Haha wow, 10 votes and it's tied. DC.

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DC. but i guess it's all opinion

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Yeah, DC. But I just prefer their overall style more, and lately they respect solo books a lot more than Marvel.

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I don't see how it's DC. Marvel has way more writing talent atm.

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I just closed my eyes and voted on the poll, overall I consider them even due to it always being down to personal preference and taste.

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Scott Snyder is so hot right now.Scott Snyder


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@extremis: It's prolly the bad taste Age of Ultron has left in my mouth. I felt that only 1 issue was worth half the cost and that was #10. and yeh Snyder and Geoff Johns have been really great to me. Hickman and Waid are on Marvel too though so the battle would be epic.

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Pretty sure they swap writers all the time so neither.