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Poll: who had the better introduction trailer (2013)? (30 votes)

Man of Steel 50%
Wolverine 2 0%
Iron Man 3 13%
THOR: The Dark World 37%

all marvel trailers had some kind of action. man of steel seemed very calm.

#1 Posted by BlueLantern1995 (3208 posts) - - Show Bio

Its a toss up with Iron Man 3 and Thor: Dark of the World. I will pick Thor: Dark of the World though to be honest its pretty close.

#2 Posted by Saren (26841 posts) - - Show Bio

Man of Steel. And it's honestly not even close.

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#3 Posted by sagejonathan (2232 posts) - - Show Bio

Man of Steel BY FAR. The others were cool but none had the emotional impact that Man of Steel gave.

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Man of Steel was beautiful. All of the Marvel trailers felt like...typical Marvel popcorn flicks

#5 Posted by WaveMotionCannon (6387 posts) - - Show Bio

Thor : The Dark World looked awesome. The superman trailer looks great but doesn't hype me up. When I saw him punch the guy, it looked kinda weak to me. I'm going to see it though.

#6 Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub (6146 posts) - - Show Bio

I liked them all

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Gotta say Man of Steel. Although the Marvel trailers looked awesome, and I'm defiantly going to watch them all, Man of Steel got me the most excited about the movie. Maybe because there's more to anticipate...

#8 Posted by trebean (791 posts) - - Show Bio

I didn't understand what the hell was going on in Thor 2 (Mainly because, I'm not quite a fan of Thor), Iron Man 3 just felt like TDKR except with Iron Man and armors, I didn't bother to watch Wolverine's, Man of Steel, was by far... my favorite.

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I don't think Man of Steel really counts as an introduction trailer. The original introduction trailer was what we got last year, and it was underwhelming.

On that note, I went back and watched the other three candidates. I think it's Thor 2. All were good trailers, but Iron Man 3 has some weird editing and confusion to it's trailer, plus it's kind of the cliche build up for a third entry in a superhero franchise. The Wolverine was cool, but it didn't quite make me forget that there was already a Wolverine movie and that had a good trailer...but ended up sucking. The Thor 2 trailer on the other hand is fresh out of the gate and looks to be taking a turn to be the kind of Thor movie that people want to see.

Even if I was counting the recent Man of Steel trailer I would still probably give it to Thor. Some of the CGI and shots in the Man of Steel trailer had me really worried.

#10 Posted by TDK_1997 (15906 posts) - - Show Bio

Man of Steel.

#11 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (40358 posts) - - Show Bio

Man of Steel. And it's honestly not even close.

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Man of Steel. And it's honestly not even close.


#13 Posted by TheCannon (20261 posts) - - Show Bio

Thor: The Dark World. There is just no contest there, as none of the other trailers came even close.

The Wolverine looked pretty terrible (and this is coming from someone who actually liked Origins)

Man of Steel looked decent in the newest trailer, but the other two were "meh." I really don't get what's so good about that second trailer.

Iron Man 3 looked incredible, but I still give an advantage to Thor.