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Poll: Who do you think the new Batwing is? (15 votes)

Lucius Fox 7%
Alfred Pennyworth 13%
Terry McGinnis 27%
Kirk Langstrom 0%
Thomas Wayne Jr. 0%
Harper Row 7%
Other 47%
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Suggestions from !

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I don't want it to be any of the above i would like it to be someone from a different part of Africa so we can see what things are like on other parts of Africa.

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I wanna know this question as well.

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After much research and scrutinization of what the authors have said in each interview I think the new Batwing is going to be Blackwing - Charlie Bullock. He fits what they have constantly repeated over and over about the character not being new and that we "might" have heard of him. He also lives in Gotham "tying very tightly" with the rest of the Batman Family especially Bruce Wayne. Check him out here:

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Not sure but I picked terry for the hell of it.

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michael lane ???

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Terry needs to appear in the New 52.