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Please support your choices..and i meant wich xXD

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Snyder's Batman. Of everything out right now, it's the one run that has the most potential of being remembered for a long time. It's not really groundbreaking or anything, but the creators just "get" the whole Gotham thing. Every issue gets rave reviews from both critics and fans. And it outsells everything else. Personally, it's my fav because it's fun to read and it isn't the same predictable drivel that litters much of today's comics.

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Batman Inc is my personal favorite, then Justice League, Batman, Nightwing and the list goes on

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Jeff Lemire's Animal Man

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Red Hood and the Outlaws,

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Either Batman or Wonder Woman.

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@arnoldoaad said:

Jeff Lemire's Animal Man


Action Comics is a close second for me.