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Who do you think are going to be the villains in thor 2 and why?

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eihter Hel, Malekith or Surtur.

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The Dark Elves.....a stuntman let it slip. Presumably Malekith

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I don't know who I think it will be but I would like the Absorbing Man to be involved in some way.

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Malekith and Kurse are the most likely. I hope the rumors are true cause I'd love to see Kurse vs Thor on the big screen

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I don't think they could fit Surtur into just one film, they'd have to build it up in one film and continue it on in the second film. The most probable villain is Malekith, and I do hope it is him, or Kurse. If they bring back Loki I'll just walk away in the middle of the film, don't think Marvel would be stupid enough to do that though....or would they?

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Fing Fang FOOM!

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Well the title "The Dark World" would lead one to think the villains would be the Dark Elves. Personally, depending on how much time Thor spends on earth, I wouldn't mind having a complementary earth villain(s).