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Green Arrow is my favorite comic character, but I never really got into Daredevil.

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Like both but Green Arrow more

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Daredevil, though I like the show Arrow more than the DD movie.

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DD by a landslide.

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I like both the same. Daredevil is the reason I'm into comic books. Green Arrow was my favorite when I was little and watched Justice League Unlimited and when I got into comics he was the reason I decided to check out DC.

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The Man Without Fear!

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Both, but Green Arrow a bit more.

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Green Arrow is rad. On the other hand, I could never get the Affleck-taste out of my mouth to like Daredevil.

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Daredevil. He's just a better character overall.

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Not sure that they're really comparable. I know there have been some "liberal voice" qualities to both of them, but how they're being written right now, they're not very comparable. That being said, if I could only pick up one of either Mark Waid's current Daredevil or Jeff Lemire's current Green Arrow, I'd be picking up Green Arrow.

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@super_geoff: "Affleck taste out of your mouth?" That sounds incredibly dirty :P But the Director's Cut is actually a very solid film, and one of my favorite comic book movies.

OP: Umm...Green Devil? No...Dare Arrow? No...Oliver Murdock? No...Matt Queen? Why do I have to choose!?

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GA easily.. He does have a tv show after all which make Daredevil movie look horrible..Couldn't think of any other word..

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Daredevil, always Daredevil

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DD...He's had some of the best runs in comic history. Miller, Waid and I guess Bendis (I disliked the Bendis DD, but lots of folks liked it.) GA has had the Grell run and Lemire currently, and O'Neil and Adams when he was co-starring in GL's book. While that's not too shabby, I don't think it's as good as what DD has had.

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They are both great heroic characters but I like Green Arrow more.

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Daredevil by far.

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i like daredevil more but the Grell-era green arrow is soooo good

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I hate green arrows facial hair so daredevil

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Green Arrow