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be realistic- the age of the actor has to fit who they are/would be playing.



Wonder Woman:

Green Lantern:



Green Arrow:

Martian Manhunter:


and any other characters you think should be included.

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Depends on what era the heroes are.

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I'm assuming Justice League will take place in a separate continuity than Man of Steel, given that the later was made without a shared cinematic universe in mind. If I remember correctly he had been cast temporarily as Superman in the past (the failed Superman Lives) and is the voice actor for the character in the upcoming animated adaptation of Geoff John's Brainiac.

He's best known for Brad in How I Met Your Mother. He towers over even Jason Segel, so he definitely has the physical presence to pull off a believable Batman.

She's best known as Ellie from Chuck. She's the only actress I know with all the Bs of WW: a beautiful blue-eyed brunette with busty breasts; plus she's got got the acting range to go from sweet to tough and back again.

He starred in The Finder. I've never seen the show, but he's a big dude with comedic timing.

He's the guy from the Old Spice commercials that's not Ray Lewis; like Sarah Lancaster, he also was on Chuck. Still, I'd prefer Hal Jordan, as he's got a classic comic book bromance with Barry Allan, just like Bruce and Clark.

Billy the Kid from Expendables 2. If you've seen that movie, you know he has instant likability.