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I need to see BL in some way or form back in the DCU. I'd like him to be leader.

I would like to see him, Geoforce, Halo, Metamorpho, and Cassandra (instead of Katana, since she's with the BoP).

That is just me. You guys tell me which roster you would want, etc.

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Creeper. I want him back . NOW!!!!!! Also, I'm pretty pissed that Tim's leadership of the team was cut so short. I'd like to see him back.

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Black Lightning 
Resurrection Man...since his own title is gone 
Fire & Ice

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Metamorpho and Creeper plus anyone.

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Red Robin, Metamorpho, Black Lightning, Geo-Force, Grace, And Creeper for starters

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Now that Blue Devil is tag teaming along with Black Lightning, if their arc goes well, I'd like to see the two of them lead an Outsiders book.

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I do want a new Outsider comic :D

They should get Metamorpho,Creeper,Geo Force,and Halo and maybe some new heroes

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Batman. If we're rebooting, lets keep what works. The Outsiders shouldn't be introduced until Batman decides the JLA is wrong and he is right, and so the Outsiders will be born.

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I would like the Outsiders with Batman as a leader in the beginning and then Dick again.

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They said if the arc does well in sales, it will spinoff in a Black and Blue ongoing.

Marc Andreyko:"Hopefully people will like it enough that we'll generate enough buzz to be able to announce a "Black and Blue" regular book!"

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@tcJackal: Oh yeah. I forgot that. That would be cool too. Let's cross our fingers.