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These are just my favorite comic artists in no particular order. I don't know most of the classic artists because I only got into comics recently, so don't call me out on that.

Mike Choi,

I'm a big X-23 fan and I absolutely loved his work with Target X. He was my favorite artist to the character. Also seen his work on X-Force.

Sana Takeda,

Once again, I know her from the X-23 series, which I enjoyed. A female artist, something I don't see a lot. Very lush characters with very expressive eyes. Her work kinda gives an anime/manga feel to western comic books.

Adi Granov,

Does great variants. He actually designs the Iron Man armor for the movies. Very detailed and vibrant colors.


J.H. Williams III,

Phenomenal artist and a pretty good writer too. First got to know his work when I started reading Batwoman because I heard great things about his artwork. Does very creative, two-page spread with unorthodox panels. Hard to describe, see for your self.

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Too many great ones to name, but for my favorite I'd probably have to go with Darwyn Cooke. His style is unique and attention grabbing, and I will always pick up and read a book featuring his stuff.

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My all time favourite would be Brett Booth.

Other artists I like are: Todd Nauck ( You probably guessed ), Humberto Ramos, JH Williams 3rd, Jim Lee ( of course ), Eddy Barrows, Ian Churchill, Greg Capullo, R.B Silva and Tony S. Daniel.

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I actually just made a list about this earlier! I really love Darwyn Cooke, but Cliff Chiang is slowly becoming one of my favorites too!

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Marco Checchetto
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there are so many great artists but I think my favorite one is Jim Lee

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Jim Lee is up there, but whoever did the art for the first 8 issues of Deathstroke was pretty good; the issues got better near the end. I liked the detail they gave to Slade's look.

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Jim Lee, Sara Pichelli, Jim Chueng, and David Marquez.

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Mike Choi.

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Ivan Reis

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Cliff Chiang's current Wonder Woman run is beautiful. He's quickly rising to the top of my list.

And I agree with the Mike Choi praise in the OP.

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Jim Lee.

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Esad Ribić
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stjepan sejic.

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Jim Cheung

Ed McGuiness

Oliver Coipel

John Byrne

Dave Johnson (One of the best Cover Artist EVER)

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Francis Manapul

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Every name you just listed plus Cliff Chang.

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@WaveMotionCannon: You sir win, in my book, cause jim chueng RULES.

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@haydenclaireheroes: you win too! i love the flash

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Jim Lee

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  1. Ryan Ottley
  2. Jock
  3. Andy Kubert
  4. Jim Lee
  5. Gary Frank
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Opena and Coipel are AMAZING.

My two favorite, and two of the best today.

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I actually just made a list about this earlier! I really love Darwyn Cooke, but Cliff Chiang is slowly becoming one of my favorites too!

The BatGirl Prince homage is PURE WIN!!
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Alex Ross, David Finch and Francis Manupal.

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Oliver Coipel, Ivan Reis, Ryan Ottley, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Charlie Adlard, Ryan Stegman, Jerome Opena are the ones I love off the top of my head in no particular order.

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Steve Epting and Lee Bermejo.I love the realistic look to comics as opposed to the high concept artsy stuff

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Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Greg Capullo,

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Lee (just have too -- when I think of hero's in my mind, its his style that comes forward)

and a little off the beaten track, Luis Royo.

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Jim Lee, Michael Turner, Ivan Reiss, Greg Capullo, kenneth rocafort. And more who i'll think of later :p

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Alot of who was mentioned and Declan Shalvey

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Stephano Caselli

Ivan Reis

Greg Capullo

John Romita Jr

Ed Benes

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In no particular order: Ryan Stegman, David Finch, Greg Capullo, Mark Bagley, Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Frank Cho

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jim lee, opena, oliver coipel, dough manhke, Jim Cheung, greg capullo, Larroca (I like his work on Invincible iron man) these are some there are more.

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Jim Lee.This guy is the best.I love everything he has ever made.

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Another fave of mine - Chris Samnee
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Growing up I really liked Ron Lim's art.

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I forgot to mention Scott McCloud. He's pretty good too. His comics just have a fun, friendly, oldschool feel to them (probably because his major comic was an older one! 80's-90's comicbooks for the win).

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Tony Moore,Jack Kirby,Kev Walker

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Tony Moore

Ryan Stegman

Francis Manapul

Greg Capullo

Joe Madurieria

Mark Bagley

Chris Bachalo

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In no particular order;

Steve McNiven - I think his art is amazing, but I heard he has a problem with deadlines, don't know if it's true or not.

Butch Guice

John Romita Jr. - I know alot of people aren't fans of his style but I've liked him ever since his Daredevil days and Cable: Blood and Metal

Steve Epting

Jack Kirby

George Perez

Ron Garney

Michael Turner - R.I.P.

Jim Lee

there's more too, I just can't think of them off the top of my head.

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Sana Takeda

Jim Lee

Ed Benes

Gabrielle Del Otto

Jae Lee

Adi Granov

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Anything from these guys.

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Esad Ribic

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Andrea Sorrentino
Ross Campbell

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Humberto Ramos. His works in Spider Island, Runaways, and Deadpool Team Ups just did it for me.