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What anime/comic character are you and why?

Comic- hercules- I'm pretty strong I flirt. With girls a lot, I am a beast and love phrasing myself (in battle too/I like to fight but not like serious fighting though that can be fun) and that's all pretty much

Anime- definitely inuyasha - I tend to act just like him, sometimes an angry guy with a soft side. I like fighting. I argue a lot. I can be cocky.and I can be like inuyasha is to kagome if u no wut I mean.

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actually I dont think any character in those mediums comes close to me. atleast I dont know any that are, even though I have several favorites, but sometimes, most times even, my favorites are nothing like me.

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Daredevil because he often struggles with depression

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Joker. I just want everybody to stop being so serious and laugh a little... OR A LOT! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

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Spike from Buffy the vampire slayer

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Superman because I can fly.

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Galactus. I'm always HUNGRY!!!!!!!!

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In practice I feel like Secret (Young Justice) with her ghost-y-ness (in the sense of not feeling a part of everyone else's world/experience), lack of confidence & awkwardness. "Inside" I feel more like Mark from Invincible or Peter Parker. Regular dudes, smart but also "cool", trying to do best by everyone (but esp. those they care most about).

Are they any comic characters with some sort of anxiety disorder?

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Kick-Ass, wants to be a hero but would get own!

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I don't think there are any heroes that are like me.... Except maybe Bruce Banner, because I have anger issues sometimes..

Other than that, no.

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I like Spider-Man's morals (when he's not, you know, selling his wife to the devil), so I try to pursue that ideal: that altruism is a responsibility we all share.