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telekinesis is 1 of my favorite superhuman abilities , who are your fav/strongest characters that use tk, show scans if you can.

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Helspont or Captain Comet (Pre-Flashpoint)

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Jean Summers in her full manifestation of the Phoenix force. At the culmination of "Here Comes Tomorrow" she amputated an entire timeline by telekinetically moving every atom in the universe (remember, the gravity of objects warps space-time, which itself is merely a manifold describing the relation between particles, so that reversing the path of every particle could conceivably allow the universe to "rewind," so long as Jean was able to also revert the universe to a previous state of lower entropy as well).

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The Séance completely stopped a 40,000 ton rock hurtling towards Earth. (So both moving the object's weight and dealing with velocity)

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good choices, xman, rachel grey, any one who uses the force

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For dc, the many color Lanterns and earth 2 Lantern powers are sort of like telekinesis. In new 52, we have already seen Adam Blake Captain Atom, Superboy, Helspont, Grifter, Tellus, Primus. The rebooted Raven with the giant black raven power might also be some type of telekinesis similar to the cartoons.

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Superboy because tactile telekinesis is freaking cool

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how does tactile telekinesis work and what differentiates it from regular telekinesis...........cuz i read somewhere that they are not the same

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Cable when he's allowed to use his telekinesis. Naturally, this extends to X-Man. The Phoenix Users tend to be pretty powerful with this as well.

Mitch Shelly will probably be a pretty powerful telekinetic one day.

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Favorite? Darth Vader. Most powerful that I can think of? Jesus!Cable.