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We all know of the various male heroes with their indomitable strength from Hulk's boundless rage to Superman who basically has no limits as long as he gets enough yellow sunlight. But who are the strongest women? Who are the ladies that could move mountains, hurl objects into space, or stand toe to toe with the most powerful forces in the universe that is if they themselves aren't that kind of force? I will point out, this can be from ANY comic series or publisher.

Now given that I'm familiar with Marvel and DC for the most part at least five names come to mind. Supergirl, Wonder Woman, She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Gamora.

When I say Supergirl I mean Kara Zor-El, Kal-El's cousin and fellow Kryptonian. Given how she gets her powers from the sun just like her cousin this means Kara doesn't have any limits either. With enough solar energy I'm sure Supergirl could move planets.

Then there's Wonder Woman who has been known to perform feats much like any other character with super strength in the DCU. Since New 52 she possesses the strength of the mighty Greek gods making her a force to be reckoned with.

She-Hulk who is a lady with the incredible strength of the Hulk but without all the mental baggage Bruce has to put up with. Granted I could also easily mention Red She-Hulk Betty Ross as well since both of them are equal strength and both of them are capable to pulling off immense feats of super strength.

Also there's today's Captain Marvel formerly Ms. Marvel Julie Danvers. Strength, invulnerability and being able to fire energy blast.

And last but not least Gamora, Thanos' adopted daughter and bred to be the perfect killing machine. With all the crazy stuff Thanos did to her she's been made practically invulnerable both on a physical and mental level and can even stand toe to toe with ladies like She-Hulk and fellas like the Thing and her dad Thanos some of whom are considered more durable than she is. Still there's a reason she's considered the most dangerous woman in the universe.

But that's just my opinions, what do you folks think? Any of these women seem like the most powerful comic book lady to you? Or are there others beyond the big two of DC and Marvel that you think could be the most powerful? Like I said earlier ANY comic series and ANY publisher counts.

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Atom Eve, Mary Marvel, Rogue, Sue Storm, Ms. Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Lady Death, Ultragirl, Maxima, Photon thats all I can think of atm.

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My Mother an Aunt

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@thatguywithheadphones: Awww, I was gonna say that.

Mary Marvel, Power Girl, Donna Troy, Rogue, Jean Grey, Gamora, Mera, Raven, Wonder Girl, etc.

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Not even a contest. PHOENIX! Strongest person of all time

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*Carol Danvers.

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the Invisible Woman...one of Marvel's most powerful female characters and highly underrated

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Marvel has alot of female abstracts and gods

and Abstracts and God >>>>>>>> mortal heroes all the time.

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I believe She-Hulk is the strongest Earth-based Marvel female Hero. She would wreck Captain Marvel in a do-or-die fight, but her biggest competition is probably Thundra. Thundra is a more skilled combat and has comparable strength, but she doesn't have the Hulk Healing Factor that Jen does. Also, on rare occasions, Jen can induce a 'Savage' state, much like Bruce, where she loses control and gains even more strength. Until Red She-Hulk proves she also has this state, Jen edges her out similar to how Hulk edges out Ross. Lyra is another option, but because she's only half Hulk, I'm not sure if she could keep up with Jen.

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Not even a contest. PHOENIX! Strongest person of all time

Isn't Phoenix an entity and not actually a person?

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So you want a strong woman now do you? You may just regret your wish...

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My sister!Oh and Dark Phoenix is a beast btw