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So far I have:

1. Tangent Superman (telepathy and telekinesis)

2. M (telepahty and telekinesis)

3. Gateway (telepathy)

I don't like Spectre or Doctor Voodoo, but I'm sure they are capable of accomplishing both of these feats. I seen John Stewart use telepathy before with his ring. Are there any others? Any Black characters with mind control capabilities?

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I dont get it. You put Telepathy and telekinesis for Tangent and both for M. Shouldn't it be both for both, or are you looking for something else too?

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I clarified it. Sorry for the confusion. I'm looking for Black characters with telepathy, telekinesis, or the ability to do both. If anyone knows of any Black characters with the ability to mind control, please list them as well.

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While not strictly a telekinetic, the LoSH Threeboot Starboy had gravity and mass-based powers that could imitate object-movement powers.
Computo has telepathy with machines.  She's another LoSH character.
Tronix was a martian, but she chose dark skin in her human form.
I take it you're looking to exclude magic characters?  Jinx could do both via magic, but her skin tone has varied from portrayal to portrayal.  She's from East India, rather than Africa.  Nabu (early incarnation of Dr Fate) was Egyptian, but also magical. 

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Are there anymore?

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@mr_creesy: Nah. Plenty of black people who control lightning/electricity though! smh

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Shola inkosi