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 i pick from marvel  
luke cage  
war machine  

john stewart  
the only two i know of  
what are your thoughts?

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 T'Challa, Blade, Blue Marvel, Cyborg, Storm, Black Lightning (and his kids), Mr Terrific, Bronze Tiger, Vixen, Doctor Voodoo, Firestorm, pre-homicidal Bishop, Night Trasher, Patriot, Misty Knight, Monica Rambeau, Rage, Gauntlet, Gentle, M, Darwin and whoever you said above.

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what makes them so great  they 're no A- list superhero? 

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Brown Bomber

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Icon, Blue Marvel, Black Lightening, 3D Man, Black Panther, Blade, Maxxam, Falcon, too many to name all.

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@Son_of_Magnus said:
" Brown Bomber "
But serious, my list:
War Machine
Black Panther
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Marvel: War Machine 
              Blue Marvel 
              Black Panther 
DC:       Icon 
              Black Lightning 
Too many to name but these are the ones that came to  mind
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@darkcloakx: No A-listers? lol Look again.  Black Panter, Storm, Blade, Night Trasher (either) Vixen, Cyborg and someone from Black Lightning's family are always in books.   Patriot, Mr. Terrific, Bronze Tiger, Firestorm, Gauntlet, and Rage are currently in books.  Pre-homicidal Bishop was a big part of the X community, for the good guys, after M-day all the way up to Messiah Complex.  Then he was still in books up until that last Cable issue last month but as a villain.  Lastly Doctor Voodoo's book should of never been discontinued dammit, I was enjoying it =(.  I'm sure he'll pop up in Heroic Age.  If you're thinking about who is the best power wise half the people I named are pretty well respected in their universes.
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No one has mentioned ultimate nick fury yet? 

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Is this thread necessary and it's already been done? 
John Stewart, Jason Rusch, T'Challa, Mr. Terrific and War Machine

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Black Panther T'Challa

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@Catman9 said:

Black Panther T'Challa

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Photon redesigned by Eliseu Gouveia

Monica Rambeau.

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@Catman9: @PowerHerc: @BlueLantern1995: I say Photon can solo every black hero on earth. Agree? Disagree?

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Off the top of my head, Black Panther is probably the coolest.

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My favorites

Marvel, Storm, Misty Knight, Cloak and Black Panther

DC, Black Lightning, and Vixen

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@pooty said:

@Catman9: @PowerHerc: @BlueLantern1995: I say Photon can solo every black hero on earth. Agree? Disagree?

Probably, but that doesn't mean I think she's the best character.

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i'm biased due to my love affair with everything green lantern so i'm going to say John Stewart. as for marvel i really like Cage. also i think Spawn really needs to be thrown in here

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Marvel: Black Panther and Luke Cage.

DC: Steel and Black Lighting.

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Black panther, blade, war machine, nick fury, cyborg and John Stewart

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Batwing, Static, Rocket, Icon, War machine, Herald, Miles morales, Cyborg, Black Panther, Mr. terrific.

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marvel: black panther, cloak, war machine and luke cage 
DC: steel,cyborg, black lightning

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Marvel: Storm, Bishop, Black Panther

DC: Static

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Don't Forget Azrael...

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Luke Cage

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Luke Cage, Blue Marvel ,Storm, Icon,Static, Black Panther,Bishop!

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no one has mentioned Batwing!!! He his own title that sells fairly well and a direct relationship to Batman