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I'm going with Injustice.

I don't like it when a game uses the art style of the cartoons as a basis of the design so no to YJ: Legacy. I saw the Deadpool trailer and half of my criticism is that I don't like the voice the other half is more on the fact that it seems like Activision will try to make it a big release while keeping development in a somewhat low budget. Never really been a fan of legos. Lastly I'm not too aware of other comic-based games coming out aside from the ones you've already mentioned but if Rocksteady are indeed making another comic-book based game then there's a probability I'd choose that one.

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@JohnnyGat: Couldn't have said it better myself.

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Deadpool! I'm not much for video games though, honestly. But Domino is in it. <3 Domino.

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I voted YJ: Legacy, though it's actually a tie between that and Deadpool. I HATE Lego Games, so I'm obviously not voting Lego Avengers. And I've looked at Injustice, and while it looks like a cool game, I don't get why everyone is so hyped up about it. It looks like one of those games you get in a few years used at GameStop because you're bored.

@JohnnyGat: If you don't mind me asking, how come you don't like the voice actor for the DP game?

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@TheCannon said:

@JohnnyGat: If you don't mind me asking, how come you don't like the voice actor for the DP game?

In comparison to the other times Nolan North voiced a character you can hear a lack of effort for the Deadpool voice. It feels as if it tries too hard to be care free, crazy and/or fun or that Nolan is trying to hard to sound different that it feels off at least to me. I mean I'm not saying he should strictly sound like Drake but looking at his voicing of the Penguin in Arkham City and Superboy in Young Justice he can do better.

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Deadpool (could be considered offensive to some people)

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Young Justice Legacy

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No Trailer Released for Lego Avengers

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in this order of most looking forward to



Lego Avengers

Young Justice Legacy

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@SoA: Same here

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injustice and young justice.

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Not one for fighting games, so no to Injustice.

Don't know anything about Lego: Avengers.

Young Justice: Legacy looks like someone in charge said, "Hey, we want someone to make a game about this because our focus tests say games will hit our target audience, but we don't want to put any real money into it, so just do what you can." So no.

I like Deadpool. I'm going with Deadpool.

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Not a huge Deadpool fan but his game looks awesome so far

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Marvel Heroes.

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We really need a tiebreaker.

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Marvel Heroes Online

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I went with Deadpool

fighting games are boring so no to Injustice

don't care for the lego games so no to Avengers

I'll check out spoilers for the Young Justice game and may pick it out of a used bin

I'm not really all that excited about Deadpool but out of the ones listed it's the one that appeals to me the most...plus I can't think of any others coming out next year

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@JohnnyGat: High Moon are developing the game Activision are just publishing it

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I love The Lego games. So Avengers is high on the list


Injustice is on my buy new list. I buy one new game every 3 months. Otherwise it waits until under 20 dollars

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@JohnnyGat: High Moon are developing the game Activision are just publishing it

And this changes anything how? I mean yes High Moon are developing it but its the publishers that fund the game and advertise it. So my point still stands in my critique of what we know about the game. That's it's looking to be a low budget game with really good advertising.

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Injustice. Looks interesting.

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Injustice: Gods Among Us.

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Injustice and Deadpool are the only ones I know of. And considering my interest in Deadpool has.. dwindled significantly, I'll go with Injustice.

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Hopefully a new Batman game by Rocksteady

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Is Lego Avengers a thing? Or just hopes and dreams and rainbows?

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A tie between Injustice and Deadpool, but I want the latter a bit more because its the least likely to disappoint me.

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OMG I love this question!

Most definitely Injustice OMG! Injustice is going to be awesome, so apparently Batman steals Wonder Woman from Superman and they create their own sides and have a war! can't wait to play as Green Arrow! wow what about Slade Wilson ! Deadpool would not exist without Deathstroke. Yuck on Lego Avengers as usual DC has the first Lego Batman yeah but Marvel always copying DC anything DC does expect Marvel to do I hate Marvel but not so much that I wont get the game I like Spiderman and Thor and stuff and Captain America but yeah cant wait for Injustice Gods among us!

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Injustice beats vengance and justice.

see what I did there

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I played Lego Star Wars to death Id play Lego Avengers also, I mean think of all the unlockable Avengers and Costumes!!

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Injustice: Gods Among Us
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Injustice and Deadpool. Is there really going to be a Lego Avengers game?