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Poll: Which undersea hero deserves a movie or who will be first? (52 votes)

Namor 21%
Aquaman 79%

So apparently, Marvel studios do not own the rights to Namor but Universal (irony since they once had the Hulk). But anyway it seems that Universal is the only movie studio without a superhero franchise (and yes they did Kick-ass).

Here are five reasons according to comicalliance:

But I also think that these in part could apply to Aquaman as well.

So what Undersea hero do you think deserves a movie and who should go first.

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I like both. Not sure who I'd like to see step up to the movie plate first. Both would be awesome.

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Aquaman definitely deserves his own movie. Amazing character, and so woefully underutilized outside of the comics. He also needs a big, impressive showing to finally shrug off the damage Robot Chicken, Family Guy, and the Big Bang Theory have done to his reputation over the years. Namor has had the good fortune to fly under the radar of the comedians by the grace of being unknown outside the comic reading audience.

If we're lucky Aquaman will have his time to shine in the upcoming Justice League franchise and the movies spun off from there. DC is also giving him his own animated movie as well, and have said they are trying to push Aquaman to the general audience to help him overcome his bad reputation. It seems like a movie is closer than it's ever been for the King of the Seven Seas.

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I usually don't care about feats but when we get an Aquaman movie I want him to throw an giant ass ship at someone just so people with STFU.

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Namor doesn't deserve anything.

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However, I think Namor will get a movie first. Why? Because Marvel is a lot more willing to take risks than DC is. DC is too scared to get away from Batman and Superman.

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Lol at the Universal thing... Wtf are they doing with him anyway? It's like they lost him or otherwise we'd have heard something by now.

And holy cow, we better not get some crap news about a Namor movie being made along with a "shared universe" being centered around him :P

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@jedixman: Disney/Marvel doesn't own Namor. Universal does.

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@jedixman: My guess it was one of the original properties Marvel sold the movie rights to back in the 90's along with X-Men, Spider-Man, etc.

To my knowledge that's the only time they've sold them (they were going bankrupt at the time).

Dunno how they've managed to kept the rights to him all this time without one movie though

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@fallschirmjager: It's hard to imagine they still have him all this time later considering all the other rights revert back to Marvel if the companies don't do anything with them. Last I checked I've never seen Namor in anything from Universal. You have a link that they still have him?

Edit: Nevermind

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I like both. Would prefer a Aquaman movie based loosly on Johns run. But with the way Marvel pushes their characters film-wise, we would probably see a Sub-Mariner film first. I mean, Dc cut their biggest characters from their own books, and story arcs that feature them. Martian Manhunter being cut from the main JL book, and Aquaman being cut from War. Proof is in the pudding.

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Namor will be first.

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@guardiandevil83: @powerherc: Universal has owned Namor for 10-20+ years and hasn't done anything with him.

Why do you think he will be first?

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@fallschirmjager: Probably because he's do to come back to Marvel soon. I mean Quesada thought they already had him back, so the rights are probably close to coming back.

Even then I doubt Marvel is gonna be able to write, shoot, and put out a movie before Aquaman even makes an appearance.

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@feartheliving: If DC is turning this next movie into a "Trinity" movie, I think JL is going to come out within 5 years (say 2017?). I hope to god Aquaman is in it :p

I can't really see Marvel doing anything with Namor until after the Avengers trilogy is over to be honest. Assuming they are due to get him back.

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I'm pretty sure Universal still own the rights to Hulk but made a deal with marvel studios to allow them to use him.

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@fallschirmjager: I think they might try and one up the other, so I believe that it will be "who ever goes first, someone follow." Type of thing, Dc seems to be afraid of using Aquaman. I just see Marvel having more balls with this type of thing.

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Aquaman definitely deserves his own movie before Namor.

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Aquaman, I'm not a big fan of Namor to be honest.

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Definitely Aquaman. Though it would like to see Namor in a Fantastic Four re-boot.

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Probably Aquaman

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Aquaman, DC needs to step up to the plate and take some risks with the character.

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Namor is a A-Hole...... Don't give him $#!%. He'll try to sleep with your girlfriend........

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@guardiandevil83: @powerherc: Universal has owned Namor for 10-20+ years and hasn't done anything with him.

Why do you think he will be first?

Because Marvel is hotter and has had more overall success at the box office.

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@powerherc: Irrelevant. Marvel doesn't own his movie rights. And X-Men hasn't come close to Avengers.

Spider-Man is also way more known that namor.

i dont think its a valid comparison just because its a Marvel title, when they don't even own him.

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@fallschirmjager: Okay, that's what you think.

I think Namor is more likely to be made than Aquaman.

This is all just opinion and speculation. Your opinion is only a valid as mine.

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I never did answer the question of who deserves a movie. I'm going to say Namor, the general audience has no idea who he is I mean at least Aquaman gets made fun of and to me that's a little bit better then never being heard of. Plus if Marvel Studios gets the rights back that would be just one more place Marvel can take their films. (Thor being Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Guardians of the Galaxy being Cosmic, Dr Strange being Magical, Namor could bring a new world right underneath us.)

Plus Aquaman has had his chance DC has had the rights forever and have never even attempted anything with him (either Flash nor Wonder Woman) and frankly at this point I'm tired of hoping we'll actually get around to seeing those characters, at least Marvel is taking a chance with their characters. I mean 10 years ago if you asked most people about any of the Marvel Heroes and they probably wouldn't know half of them, now's a different story. DC's top guys I would say have way more recognition and they still aren't getting their own movies (as of now) and that just leaves me scratching my head.

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Namor wasnt the joke in the comic world like Aquaman has been. DC can't even get a Flash or WW movie on track forget about Aqualame.

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Aquarus Needs A Movie.

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aquaman: underrated hero who does not fit anywhere ; surface world treats him as a citizen from Atlantis and Atlantis treats him as a surface dweller, yet fights to protect both sides from each other .

namor has a bit of a complex history : enemy of the surface, crusader in ww 2, back to being a villain , then a avenger , then FF ally, sometime as a corporate mogul, x-man . just too much to really do anything. now if he was to appear as a villain for a ff movie , that could be cool other nah.

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