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Which team would you rather be apart of? 
Being a Mutant and living in the present with the X men 
Being a Legionaire in the 30 Century with the LOSH? 

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X-Men. I dont think Id adapt to well with the 30th century. Also, Mutants rock, X-men rocks and destroying sentinels seems fun

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X-Men all the way. But I'd probably get a crap mutant power, like extending my fingernails a few inches or something.

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I want that jetpack and at least I don't have a group of human supremacists wanting to kill me dead

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LoSH...they die slightly less frequently and gruesomely. :P

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Legion, only to hang out with superboy/girl

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Personally I read more X Men...but I picked Legion for three reasons 
1. They die less often 
2. Going to the future would be way more awesome than staying in a present where you're hated and despised.  
3. I get to look at this every day. 

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LoSH! I've wanted a flight ring for longer than I've wanted a GL ring.

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Legion, easy.

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Legion, they see the entire universe and fight the good fight.

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How the heck is the Legion above the X-men?

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I love me some X-Men, but I gotta go Legion. Future, space travel, peaceful society, super power, and flight ring... count me in.

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Access to future technology.

Space travel to other planets is commonplace.

Meeting many more people easily including a wide variety of babes.