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I know that Superman, Cyborg, and Booster Gold did. Is there anyone else?

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The Thing is the only other one I recall.

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Didn't Guy Gardner play football?

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Ronnie Raymond aka Firestorm

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I remember Spider-Man played football in the cartoon series. Not sure about the comics.

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@TheWitchingHour said:

Didn't Guy Gardner play football?


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Hank Mccoy....the Beast

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Flash Thompson, though I'm not sure if his specific high school sport was specified.

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I'm guessing Sportsmaster did, even though he's a villain so I don't know if he counts.

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Clark Kent, Ben Grimm and Hank McCoy are the ones I remember being shown as football players in comics.

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firestorm did

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Bruce Wayne played college football in Batman: The Animated Series, but I don't know if that's in line w/ comic canon.

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So far, we have named:

That's a lot of talent, a lot of interesting personalities, and a lot of interesting code names. lol

Is there anyone else?

@Shutdown said:

Who could forget this guy aka He who shall not be named?

(I apologise in advance for bringing this atrocity to light)

Never again...

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Taskmaster did.