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If superheros were real and lived in our modern world which superheroes do you think would be be able to keep their secret identitys hidden and which would be coaught. I think Superman would obviously be caught because he is a ripped guy working at a newspaper and when he puts on his glasses no one can see the resemblance. Anyway which do you think will and won't be found out.

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actually i think people joke a lot about Supes disguise, but i think in the real world it would take tons of time until someone connected the dots. Like in the original Superman movies Reeves could change in seconds from Clark to Supes and it felt like two completelly different people. obviously with cameras and youtube and everything it would be harder but taking into account Supes speed and flight maybe not that easy.

on the topic at hand, I think most heroes, if they actually tried, would get away with it. people just kinda dont want to see the obvious, and that's even bigger in real life. though the ones that would definatally not get caught would be the fastest ones (like Flash). super fast clothing change, can almost be at two places at once, etc...