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Poll: Which Superhero Team Do You Like More: X-Men or Justice League? (88 votes)

X-Men 41%
Justice League 59%


Justice League

#1 Posted by Bruxae (12204 posts) - - Show Bio

Justice League.

#2 Posted by Doomnaut (1991 posts) - - Show Bio


#3 Edited by Binski (643 posts) - - Show Bio

Justice league and just like Grant Morrison said the x-men is like writing about a school while the justice league is a pantheon of gods...or something along those lines

#4 Posted by bob808 (6746 posts) - - Show Bio

Justice League

#5 Posted by Arkhamc1tizen (2107 posts) - - Show Bio

justice league

#6 Posted by LyraFay (2411 posts) - - Show Bio

Justice League, like X-men but always Justice League.

#7 Posted by Emequious_Swerve (1268 posts) - - Show Bio


The Justice League is so boring.

#8 Edited by Rabbitearsblog (5768 posts) - - Show Bio

X-Men! Grew up with them!

#9 Posted by PeppeyHare (4310 posts) - - Show Bio

JL but I love the x-men

#10 Edited by bigtewell (749 posts) - - Show Bio

xmen definitely. there have been only 2 jl runs ive loved and only a few characters i care about where as i love tons of xmen runs and 90% of my fave characters are xmen

#11 Posted by CheeseSticks (2359 posts) - - Show Bio

X-Men easily.

#12 Posted by ShadowSwordmaster (11417 posts) - - Show Bio

X Men.

#13 Posted by AzorAhai (158 posts) - - Show Bio

something about reading JL bores me sometimes...

#14 Posted by boschePG (2156 posts) - - Show Bio


you get to know more characters outside of the basic big 7 of JLA. They sometimes totally revamp roster but its never good enough and back to the big 7 for JLA

#15 Posted by The Stegman (22751 posts) - - Show Bio

The world's greatest superheroes, or a bunch of egotistical mutants who constantly fight among themselves and really haven't been relevant in Marvel in years. Hmmmm.

#16 Posted by green_skaar (4415 posts) - - Show Bio

Depends on the roster...

#17 Posted by Justthatkid (2355 posts) - - Show Bio

JL way ahead. Not really a competition.

#18 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (32149 posts) - - Show Bio


I'd rather read about the JLA heroes in a vacuum

#19 Posted by judasnixon (6095 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm a X-Men Whore.........

#20 Posted by GrenadeFlow (1339 posts) - - Show Bio

Justice League

The X-Men are played out

#21 Posted by NorrinBoltagonPrime21 (5389 posts) - - Show Bio


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#23 Posted by KingAres109 (1226 posts) - - Show Bio

Justice League bit*hes.......X-Men is okay.I can't even look at their movies because of how terrible they are.Superman/Batman will out shine the X-Men movies.And a JL movie will be watched by everyone.:)

#24 Posted by StormShadow_X (1491 posts) - - Show Bio

The league to me has over all better storylines and just as interesting characters. The biggest thing about the Xmen is that they feel like a family and to me most versions of the league feel like Siblings who lean on the other. Even the New 52 league feels like long lost siblings who are still getting use to the other. I like the Xmen they have had some of the best shows on Marvels side and storylines in comics in general but The league has done everything the Xmen have done 10X.

#25 Posted by Jphu8414 (3106 posts) - - Show Bio

Justice League by far

X-Men...has gone downhill recently (Just my opinion, don't hate me please)

#26 Posted by ChildoftheAtom (485 posts) - - Show Bio

X-men they are all on the real superhero level. The JLA is kinda trying to make everyone too powerful and a lot of them could just fly or run at the villain hard enough to beat them. JLA has too try to hard to make everyone seem special when half of them durability to where they are labeled as invulnerable. Wow u really risked your ummm time saving those humans. Xmen have way more potential when it comes to writing and work the best as TEAM.

#27 Posted by DareHulk (216 posts) - - Show Bio

X-Men is my favorite team, JLA is my second. So X-Men but not by much...

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#29 Posted by SHAZAM117 (2494 posts) - - Show Bio

As kid I was XMEN all the way

Now as an adult, Justice League

#30 Edited by oceanmaster21 (7635 posts) - - Show Bio

The Justice league is just slightly above the xmen although i have chachaters on both teams that i love equally.

#31 Posted by Tyrus (1083 posts) - - Show Bio

Justice League bit*hes.......X-Men is okay.I can't even look at their movies because of how terrible they are.Superman/Batman will out shine the X-Men movies.And a JL movie will be watched by everyone.:)

Let me know if they ever make one :P

Anyway Justice League. It's just hard for me to get into anything X-Men-related these days.

#32 Posted by Jack Donaghy (879 posts) - - Show Bio

Justice League.

#33 Posted by JediXMan (29286 posts) - - Show Bio

X-Men > JLA > Avengers

For me, anyway.

#34 Posted by batmannflash (6169 posts) - - Show Bio

Justice League

#35 Posted by KingAres109 (1226 posts) - - Show Bio

@tyrus: I wouldn't need too.Flash and Wonder Woman already in Superman/Batman..So that make the movie better than any X-Men movie..And why the hate!??Jl better anyway....

#36 Edited by RustyRoy (10717 posts) - - Show Bio

@lyrafay said:

Justice League, like X-men but always Justice League.

#37 Edited by The_Master_of_Darkness (42 posts) - - Show Bio

X-Men, for now, because that's who I have the most experience with. I've been coming to enjoying individual JL member titles, so I may end up enjoying them more.

#38 Posted by youknowwhattodo (873 posts) - - Show Bio

Justice League, but I try to read both when I can.

#39 Posted by PhoenixoftheTides (3443 posts) - - Show Bio

The X-Men, but I actually preferred them in the Outback era when they weren't acting as superheroes as much as a team of well-intentioned vigilantes on-the-lamb. The Justice League just seems so overpowered that I don't feel as if many threats could possibly pose a challenge to them. It just seems so convenient to have all of the most uber of the heroes conveniently getting along in one team but not seeming to get out of the superhero formula when I would think that collection of power could decisively change the world for good or ill. For example, it makes no sense to me that Gotham City would be so crime ridden with Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern existing in one team - I always thought it showed Batman and those heroes in a bad light when a hive of scum and villainy is allowed to exist for no reason.

#40 Posted by WaveMotionCannon (5029 posts) - - Show Bio

X-Men, I like the stories and characters better. JL is good but it's boring at times.

#41 Posted by Doomnaut (1991 posts) - - Show Bio


#42 Posted by Farkam (4682 posts) - - Show Bio

X-Men all the way.

#43 Posted by Experio (13430 posts) - - Show Bio

JLA, but X-men follows close behind

#44 Posted by Manchine (3859 posts) - - Show Bio

I like the older Xmen characters better but they don't show them that often except when we got Battle of the Atom. So I got to go with Justice League.

#45 Posted by Cloakx14 (2180 posts) - - Show Bio

x-men. x-men the 90's seriesdid it for me. I'm excited for the Das of future past & Apocalypse in 2016. Thw justice league are too bland as for me in comics. i did like the animated series though.

#46 Posted by M3th (2032 posts) - - Show Bio

X marks the spot... wait no... X spots the marks.



#47 Posted by Battle_Forum_Junkie (7474 posts) - - Show Bio

The X-Men are cool, but my vote goes to the Justice League.

#48 Posted by explodingpineapple (836 posts) - - Show Bio

Possibly X- Men and that's what I voted.

#49 Posted by lykopis (10756 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm a X-Men Whore.........

**hands you my extra set of nipple tassles**

#50 Posted by Lvenger (17881 posts) - - Show Bio

JLA stomps for me. I've come to despise the state of X-Men comics in current years. Nothing more than overplayed soap operas with the same cliches touted as brilliant story telling.