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Some trailers if youre not familiar with all of them

Injustice: Gods among us

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Young justice: Legacy

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Marvel heroes

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Personally I cant wait for Injustice to come out!

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For me it's easily the Deadpool game as I can tell that Highmoon are big fans and are having fun with advertising and developing it.

Kind of meh about Injustice as I prefer the team based fighting games to the Mortal Kombat esque ones.

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deadpool. i voted for him because, its something different with an obscure character.

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"Injustice: Gods Among Us."

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I voted Deadpool, though it's actually a tie between that and Young Justice: LEgacy.

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Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Deadpool looks nice and I'm sure it'll be a fun game (Fall of Cybertron was cool), but I don't think it's nowhere near the epic scope they're building up for Injustice.

The other two look like crap.

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Injustice. I adore the Mortal Kombat franchise and what NetherRealm is attempting with this upcoming game.

Don't really care for the others.

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Young Justice: Legacy.

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Marvel Heroes

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Injustice no question, if Deadpool didnt have the poor mainstream humor I might of gone with it.

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Injustice, but Deadpool will be great as well.

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Injustice: Gods Among Us

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But I'm also looking forward to Injustice.

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Deadpool ftw!

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I voted Injustice 'cos it looks Amazing!

Although, I am a fan of all of the Young Justice characters and am looking forward to the game!

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but Injustice also seems interesting. The others are meh, but they might surprise us

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Tie between Deadpool and Injustice. I will throw my vote for Injustice though.

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Injustice, Deadpool,and young justice in that order

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Deadpool, but Injustice is close.

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For sure.

I've been low on funds in recent times (so much so that I've had to stop buying comics ;__;) but it is up there with SSX and Halo 4 with stuff I would've bought.

I'm picky with video games so that says a lot.