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The ones I use the most with my mains:

The ones I use the most with some other characters:

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Black Adam-Regime





The Flash-Defalt

Green Arrow-Default

Green Lantern-Regime (green and yellow versions)

Harley Quinn-Insurgency (Red Haired version)


The Joker-Insurgency

Killer Frost- Regime

Lex Luthor-Insurgency

Nightwing-Regime/Damian Wayne




Solomon Grundy-Boss Grundy

Superman-Default or Godfall

Wonder Woman-Regime or Red Son

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Batman- beyond suit

Nightwing- New52

Black Adam- Default

Raven- Default

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Lex Luthor - Kryptonite Suit (player 2 colors)

Superman - Godfall suit (player 2 colors)

Doomsday - Default

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Deathstroke - Default or Insurgency

Shazam - Default

Superman - Red Son or Godfall

Wonder Woman - Red Son

Aquaman - Flashpoint

Sinestro - Regime

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Superman - New 52 or Godfall

Wonder Woman - New 52 or Regime

Green Arrow - New 52 or Default

Batman - New 52 or Insurgency

Harley - Insurgency

Luthor - Kryptonite (Once I unlock it)

And when I get my good internet, I can get the iOS skins.

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Regime Shazam and Regime Black Adam.

@fadetoblackbolt: There's a New 52 Green Arrow skin?

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I use Superman Godfall. Once I get Elseworlds Flash I will use him.

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@jpgman: Whatever the one that you get from the Battle Arena on facebook thing is. I thought it was New 52. I'm not sure since I haven't been able to download my DLC skins yet.

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The skin of envy... I wan't able to buy a copy before my local store ran out of stocks!

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@fadetoblackbolt: Oh, that skin. That's the one from Arrow, the TV show. I personally don't like it much because I find the voice actor to be horrendous, especially when compared to the other Green Arrow voice.

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I have to use Arkham City Batman, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman when I play them. I really don't like their default designs in this game. I also prefer New 52 Flash, and if I had the New 52 Wonder Woman I would only use that too.

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Flash-Elseworld, New 52



Raven-Both(mostly main one though/Good one)

Green Arrow-Main and Arrow uniform

Superman-New 52, Godfall, Game standard(good version)

GL-Yellow, Green

P.S. I really hope they make the iOS skins available via DLC...