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I am tried of see the whole Dc vs Marvel threads. They only worsen the already large rip in fan bases. Both are good and have their flaws. I always saw Dc and Marvel similar the American political parties in America. There are two major players and a bunch of lesser third parties. So besides the big two, who is your favorite publisher?

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Image and Valiant.

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Dark Horse and Dynamite.

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@SmashBrawler said:

Image and Valiant.

I would say the same. They used to be great back in the 90's, but now I'm not even sure if they make comics anymore.

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IDW is the only other publisher I read asides from DC and Marvel. Their TMNT and Doctor Who stuff is fantastic.

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@xybernauts said:

@SmashBrawler said:

Image and Valiant.

I would say the same. They used to be great back in the 90's, but now I'm not even sure if they make comics anymore.

Valiant: The Publisher to Watch.

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Dark Horse

Oni Press
Top Shelf
And if imprints count then Vertigo and WildStorm too.

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Valiant, Image, and Aspen MLT.

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Image, Vertigo and Dark Horse!

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Dark Horse.

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The only non big 2books I read are Fatale, Walking Dead, and Saga so I guess my favorite is Image. I want to start readingHellboy evebtually but I just haven't gotten around to it.

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I'm gonna go Image, Dark Horse, and Vertigo (although it's owned by DC). Dynamite is really hit and miss for me.

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I have taken a break from Marvel and am reading IDW. TMNT and Dr. Who are better then any current Marvel title IMHO. My wallet has thanked me too. I'm very sick of Marvel events where I have to buy a million comics just to understand what's going on, and when I try to come back to an ongoing series, I'm clueless to what the storyline's are. Marvel has way too many events now too. IDW's rare and few events are much better. The crossover's and events themselves are all completely optional reads and only slightly effect the original canon of the ongoing series. Just a personal preference, but I really respect IDW for writing for people who don't have to spend their life savings on a story arc, and can completely skip it if they choose without being left in the dark.

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IDW. TMNT and Godzilla

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Valiant is DA BEST.

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Dynamite, I love the pulp characters (Black Bat, The Owl, etc) and I read Black Beetle and Conan from Dark Horse. Also reading Gail Simone's Red Sonja, another Dynamite book.

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I like Image a lot.

Avatar Press comes up with good stuff as well, but unfortunately in their comics there is rape left and right and that's kinda stupid, but still ... the stories are often alright.

I'm also liking Boom Studios more and more. I think they have a lot of potential and will get bigger over time.

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The only non big 2books I read are Fatale, Walking Dead, and Saga so I guess my favorite is Image. I want to start reading Hellboy eventually but I just haven't gotten around to it.

Ha. I was about to post here when I saw that I already posted on this thread over 9 months ago. Since then, I have started pulling 5 Valiant titles on a monthly basis and plan on picking up two more (Unity and Eternal Warrior) when they are released in a couple months.

I have come to love the Valiant Universe and it has surpassed DC in my pulls and is catching up to Marvel in total pulls.

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Probly dark horse or image

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Valiant and Image

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Who publishes a book makes no difference to me. I'll try any book if the concept, story, character intrigues me. People that pigeon hole themselves to any certain publisher are only short changing themselves and possibly missing out on what could be their new favorite book or character.

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dark horse. and, when the moon is purple and they actually print bloodrayne, i read bloodrayne.

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I don't normally pick and choose what publisher is better but by far Valiant is the best in general.

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Dynamite , Image & Dark Horse

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Dark Horse comics. They do Star Wars, Alien Vs. Predator and terminator comics.

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IDW for me. Boom Comix primarily because they do 40k.

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Image, Valiant, IDW, Dark Horse, and Dynamite all have titles I've probably liked or still do like.

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ALL. I love Image's awesome books like Saga, Walking Dead and new great series. Love IDW's Locke and Key. Vertigo always puts out classick stuff.

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I don't prefer them over DC or Marvel but I do read Black Bat from Dynamite, and Captain Midnight from Dark Horse.

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Dynamite for Vampirella, Image for Spawn, & Darkhorse for Doctor Solar.

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I'm new to comic books and haven't gotten into super heros but I like. Boom!, Image and Avatar a lot

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Image and Valiant are the other two I read a lot of and when I need some pulp it's Dynamite.

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Valiant as I actually prefer it over all publishers.

Image would be second as Im just getting into Invincible. I ordered the compendium just recently.

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