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Mephisto: The King Of Hell

Powers and Abilities

Mephisto is an immensely powerful demon. He possesses great intelligence which is how he can manipulate and deceive others easily. He has demonstrated projection of mystical energy, erecting mystical shields, becoming invisible or intangible, casting illusions, summoning supernatural creatures, teleportation, changing size, and shape-shifting. His true form is unknown. He is completely indestructible to most attacks, and is immune to disease. He doesn't need to breathe, eat, drink, or sleep. He has defeated Silver Surfer in combat before and seems to have no limit to his age. He also can possess mortals and cast spells of unknown power. He likely has other powers that have yet to be discovered. He literally can do anything that a human can comprehend and more. Mephistopheles is not the Devil, he is an arch-demon. Being a demon, he can capture lost souls but only with the mortal's approval which is one of his main weaknesses. Another weakness is that if he leaves his dimension he isn't as powerful and depends on the worship of his followers. Mephistopheles can read minds as well


Dormammu: Lord of the Dark Dimension


Dormammu is one of the most powerful magic-users in the Marvel Universe. He is immortal having transformed his body into mystic energy, his body may be dissipated but he will always reform. Dormammu is absolutely more powerful than Mephisto and Satannish being a being of raw, pure mystical energy. He has demonstrated energy projection, protective shields, time travel, elemental/reality warping powers, teleportation, soul manipulation, life force absorption, energy and matter manipulation, and opening portals.


Mindless Ones

Dormammu often employs Mindless Ones as shock troops.


  • If you like you can show your real form or transform
  • Ho is more powerful ?
  • You can go in the realm of one you choose
  • plus you need to choose in what universe will you like to be in DC or Marvel with all the heroes and villains
  • And i want to start to read some comics abut them and i dont know where to start and of which character can any one want to help me and tell me ?

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