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Poll: Which one of Hank Pym's alter egos do like best? (21 votes)

Ant-Man 33%
Giant-Man 19%
Goliath 5%
Yellowjacket 38%
Wasp 5%
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Yellowjacket's my favourite.

I wonder if he'll be in costume in A.I., and which could it be? The fact that the Ant-Man film is being made would suggest that they'd make him Ant-Man, but Scott Lang's in that identity, so maybe that won't be it. We've seen him as Goliath in Age Of Ultron, so maybe they're setting him up to take on that identity again? Hard to tell, how Age Of Ultron will affect things though.

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Scientist Supreme should be an option. He was at his best when he was leading the rogue Avengers IMO.

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@night_thrasher: Thought of making it an option, but it feels more like a title than an alter-ego.

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Yellowjacket's the coolest look, personally. He was a little unhinged when he wore it, but it's a nice, simple design - I even like the Ultimate version with all of its detailing:

The Ant-Man and Giant Man suits are nice classics though. Goliath's design is boring, and the Wasp design is one of the ugliest looks with its weird robed appearance.

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The Wasp.

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Personally I like Ant-Man best, it makes him look very geeky in a good way. Wish I came up with the idea first.

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The one that sells propane.

(Giant Man)

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I voted for Ant-Man. I think it's the best "power" he's had.