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could be any game, film, cartoon, etc characters.

for example snake from mgs or agent 47 from hitman.

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I can't think of anything awesome thats not already a comic too

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Is Jason Bourne in comic form yet?

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For Nigh Top-tier levels:

Neo -granted he has his Matrix capabilities outside of the Matrix.

Final Fantasy characters

Stephen Chow's character in Kung Fu Hustle

I wouldn't go with Anime characters now as that will be too plentiful.

For street levelers:

Solid Snake

Universal Soldier/s

Predator/s, Terminator/s and Robocop (though they already had comic incarnations)

Tom Clancy characters: John Clark, Sam Fisher, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, etc.

As what was said by an earlier post, Jason Bourne

Any Bruce Lee character (especially Chen Zen, he seems to be the most "superhuman" of all his characters).

The Expendables

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Plenty of them can

solid snake will be homies with nick fury