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Which new 52 titles are you reading and which have you dropped in the last few months?

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@amutant: Started off with only Action Comics, Batman, The Flash and Justice League.

Currently i pick up: Batman, Batman Incorporated, Batman and ..., The Flash, Green Team (haven't decided if i will continue or not), Justice League of America and soon Batman/Superman and Superman Unchained.

Along the way i have picked up and dropped: Earth 2 and Green Lantern (i ended with Johns).

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Batgirl, Batwoman, Birds of Prey, Detective Comics, Talon, Nightwing, Justice League of America, Katana, Vibe, Earth 2, The Movement, Storm Watch, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman. I have certain books I won't miss, like Batgirl, Batwoman, Nightwing and Wonder Woman are the only books I have stuck with since the beginning, but I am pretty flexible on my reading list after that. If a book goes bad, I will drop it right away. If I hear about a new writer that could turn a book around, I will pick it up. I have books I tried, dumped, and later picked up again. It is pretty easy to do on digital.

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I started off with Green Arrow and Hawkman. Then I added Earth 2 and The Flash. Then I added Stormwatch and Demon Knights. Then I added Deathstroke. Since then Hawkman and Deathstroke have been cancelled and Demon Knights last issue will be in August. I dropped Stormwatch so that will leave me with Green Arrow, Earth 2, and The Flash.

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Way too many.

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Batman, Batman and Robin, Injustice, Justice League

I've dropped

JLA, Phantom Stranger, Detective Comics, RHAO, Superman, Talon

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Batman, Detective, Nightwing, Superman, justice league, JLA.

Will be picking up:

Green Lantern, New Guardians, Red Lanterns, Superman Unchained, and Batman/Superman this month.


Red Hood, Action Comics, and The Dark Knight.

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Action Comics, Batman. Batman And Robin, Detective Comics, and Swamp Thing

The only titles that I've dropped so far are:

Batman inc and Justice League

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Batman, Nightwing, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Justice League, Aquaman, The Flash, Batman Inc., Talon, Earth 2, Justice League of America, JSA's Vibe, Detective Comics, Action Comics, Superman, Teen Titans, Green Arrow.

That's my entire pull-list actually

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Batman, Batgirl, Batman Inc, Talon, Nightwing, Batman and ..., Action Comics, Aquaman, JLA, Earth 2, World's Finest, Detective Comics, Wonder Woman, Vibe, Justice League, Teen Titans, Talon, Demon Knights, JLDark, Sword of Sorcery, Constantine, Phantom Stranger, Green Lantern, Green Lantern: New Guardians, Red Lanterns, Green Lantern Corps, Threshold.

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Green Arrow

Justice League Dark


Teen Titans

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I pick up Batman, Aquaman, and my little brother get's Nightwing.

I'm also going to start getting Green Arrow and Larfleeze.

Oh, and If anyone knows when the next Green Arrow arc starts I'd appreciate the info.

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Reading :

  1. Batman
  2. Batman and Robin
  3. Batman Incorporated (will likely drop soon)
  4. Justice League
  5. Aquaman
  6. Justice League Dark
  7. Batwoman
  8. Phantom Stranger (I should drop this one 'cause it sucks, but I love the Stranger :-( )
  9. Earth 2
  10. Green Lantern
  11. Detective Comics
  12. Justice League of America


  1. Batgirl
  2. Batwing
  3. Catwoman (last year)
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u dropped RHAO...im thinking about picking that up. whyd u drop it?

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Teen Titans

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Justice League, Constantine, Green Lantern. I might pick up Superman/Batman when it comes out.

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I dont read a lot of DC weekly, I mostly read the best stories in trade.

1. Batman

2. Wonder Woman

3. Green Arrrow

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all lantern books, nightwing, batgirl, flash, aquaman, justice league, jla, earth 2, wonder woman, supergirl, all batman titles , rhato, talon, katana, swamp thing ,animal man , dial h , and stormwatch

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@sog7dc: I just lost interest I guess, also I have a ton of other books that I'm interested in and would rather invest in

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Earth 2




Hawkman (liked the 1st 8 issues)


Green Arrow

I just started to read comics right when the new 52 came out. I loved the way it was simple to jump in the stories unlike Marvel.

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1. Batman

2. Flash

3. Detective Comics

4. Justice League

5. Justice League of America

6. Green Lantern

and soon Superman Unchained

I dropped Action Comics when Morrison left the team, but I may pick those back up idk yet.

Thats pretty much the only one I have dropped from DC.

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@sog7dc: i read rhato and while it was pretty good in the beginning this new writer is taking it in a new direction its still fuzzy how it will work out but i think its worth the read since tynion is writing it which was a backup writer for scott snyder

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I pick up: rhato,batman,batman and...,nightwing,green lantern,justice league

i will soon pick up: superman unchained and maybe jla so i can get background on trinity war. also maybe suicide squad.

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Batman and Flash, will add more though

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I only read Green Lantern and Green Lantern: New Guardians. Wish I could read more.

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I am kind of off and on with most of the New 52 titles so I tend to pick up and drop everything pretty regularly but these are the titles I've so far checked out to some degree and will probably continue to look to first and foremost over other titles but in no specific order:

Justice League,The Flash, Nightwing, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Superman, Action Comics, and Teen Titans.

I have been tempted to get Green Lantern (and maybe Green Lantern Corps and New Guardians) and Wonder Woman but am not sure...

Am looking forward to Batman/Superman.

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Green Arrow

Green Lantern

GL Corps


Red Lanterns




Superman Unchained

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Earth 2





Everything else got cancelled lol

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Currently pulling

  • Phantom Stranger
  • Green Lantern
  • Red Lanterns
  • Stormwatch (contenplating dropping)
  • Animal Man
  • Justice League of America (contemplating dropping)
  • Katana
  • Earth 2
  • Dial H (Sad as hell this is getting canned at #15)
  • Constantine (contemplating dropping)
  • Adventures of Superman
  • Larfleeze (giving this one a shot)


  • Batwoman (dropped after #12)
  • Justice League Dark (dropped after #12)
  • Swamp Thing (dropped after #6)
  • Suicide Squad (dropped after #6) (grabbed #20 and I'm contemplating picking this one back up)
  • Action Comics (dropped after #3)
  • All-star Western (dropped after #3)
  • Captain Atom (dropped after #3)
  • Fury of Firestorm (dropped after #1)
  • Justice League (dropped after #1)

Canned while pulling.

  • Mr. Terrific
  • Savage Hawkman


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batman ( going to start soon and take a break from during zero year)

green lantern ( want to get all of geoff johns run)

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@doomdoomdoom: I think the nearest you're getting to Metamorpho this year is Element Woman (Justice League).

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D Comics

Batman and Robin

Batman Inc

Justice League

Justice League of America


Redhood and the Outlaws

Superman/Batman(not yet but might as well count it)

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Action Comics, Justice League, JLA, Vibe, Katana