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Ok, so I got a big problem.

I've got some alone time (from the family) this friday to watch a movie. I can't choose if I watch Transformers 4 or X-Men Days of future past.

So tell me what to do! And no - I can't be sure I'll have the time to watch one of them this friday and the other one later. So the one I won't watching will have to wait until it comes out on Bluray. So it's not just a "which movie is better", it's also "which movie is on the big screen"?

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Days of Future Past without question. Transformers is nothing but more of the same (not that that is necessarily horrible, but its not great either). DoFP is the best movie to come out this year so far and one of the best cbm's made.

Not only that. but Transformers is making tons of bank. It doesn't need your money. DoFP deserves every penny and more.

Hell. I would rather watch the DoFP end credit scene then watch Transformers again.

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Days of Future Past

although i did enjoy Transformers also

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Have not seen Transformers yet; but X-Men: Days of Future Past.

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I haven't seen transformers, but there's no way it's better than DOFP.

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DoFP is a must see X-Men film.

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X-men. Hell, trasformers can't be better than DoFP!

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I wouldn't watch Age of Extinction on movie channels.

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Days of Future Past, hands down.

(Fun fact: it's now officially outgrossed Winter Soldier)

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I watched and enjoyed both. Days of Future Past is the best X-men movie thus far, Transformers 4 is the best Transformers movie thus far. Both worth watching, but I'd probably recommend Days of Future Past.

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@xwraith: transformers doesn't rank up there lol

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Dude, DoFP by far. It is the best X-Men movie ever made, the top super movie this year, and among the top super movies of all time.

Transformers, eh. It's more of the same from Dark of The Moon. The action is good, but still tough to follow, the human scenes are downright unwatchable as usual, with particular scorn for Marky Mark who look like he did his takes in a single afternoon on the way to the bank.

X-Men is way more worth your time.