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Would you prefer Namor to be in the X-Men, F 4 or the Avengers Universe

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X-Men, if he was in Fantastic 4 he would be hitting on Sue Storm the entire time.

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None. He's terrible.

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His own movie, or Captain America.

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He would be so much better in the Avengers Universe but knowing FOX and their eager to rise above Marvel Studios, they'd probably claim him first - I'm pretty sure Namor has rights issues similar to Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch:

Namor is constantly referred to as the First Mutant and has a connection to X-Men

Has a mild connection to the Fantastic Four

And also has a connection to Cap and the Avengers

I would prefer Namor in the Avengers Universe in terms of quality


I would prefer him in the X-Men/Fantastic Four Universe in terms of interactions/dialogue (btw, FF and X-Men exist in the same movie-verse thanks to the asshole that goes by the name of Mac Miller I mean Mark Millar).

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I think it depends with what they do with him. So far, I haven't seen the X-verse have a necessary heavy bruisers outside of Colossus and Juggernaut, and the latter is the only one they really done got to show off. So putting Namor with them would give them a power man or they would need to use one against Namor.

FF could be fun if they play the classic role of Namor trying to get Sue and him hating surface dwellers. A little old school, but doable and the Thing is a bruiser, so we could get a nice slug fest out of that or some good flight fights with the Torch.

Since the Avengers already do have some solid strong men on their team with only more to come most likely due to the different phases, it will be interesting to see where they would put him. I mean, they already have Thor, Hulk, and Iron Man, so if he gets put on the team, how big of a role would he necessarily play?

If I had to pick, I'd probably like to see him in a FF movie.

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I don't want him in a movie but I would enjoy him the most in a Fantastic Four movie.If they go with the classics with him trying to get Sue and her to be his lover it would be fun.

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FF or Avengers

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FF/Xmen. The mcu might get the inhumans, potentially black panther, and already have asgard; that might be too many kingdoms and not feel special or unique.

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He was coolest in Illuminati. To bad Fox and Disney would never get that together.

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@millennian: Namor was introduced in F4 so they have the writes to him already

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I'd like to see him as the main villain in a Fantastic Four re-boot.