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Poll: Which member of the Original X-Men will join the Mutant Revolution? (7 votes)

Angel 14%
Beast 57%
Cyclops 0%
Iceman 0%
Jean Grey 29%

We know from the solicits that one member of the All-New X-Men will be joining Present!Scott's Uncanny X-Men, so who do you think it'll be?

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If Beast's side gets Scott's mini-me the Scott's side should get Beast's mini-me for that sweet irony

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It will probably be young beast, and I could imagine cyclops sending the older hank a picture of him with his arm around his shoulder saying "Me and my new best bud LOL" with the biggest **** eating grin on his face.

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Now I'm just worried that whoever does go over is just going to be a spy for Wolverine's side since the school faculty were talking about getting a spy into Scott's new school. I think though that it should be Beast.

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After their discussion about wanting to read the thoughts of Magneto and co', I think it'll be Jean. She couldn't do it at the time, because they had their defences up. She'll look to catch them with their guard down, I reckon, and get the whole story about Xavier's death, Scott's plans and motivations etc.

Plus, Jean Grey joining up with a group of people recently controlled by the Phoenix Force has greater dramatic effect.