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If it'd be your job to pick up a character or two from various mangas\animes and integrate them in one of the western comic book universes, who would you pick? Let's say you have to keep the character recognizable in regards of basic character traits and defining themes, but otherwise you can alter everything else in order establish the chosen character: back story, power class, etc.

My personal choise would be to put Majin Buuu from Dragon Ball Z into the DC universe.

A ridiculous goofball and a menacing monster at the same time, Buu would typically be something Mr. Mxyzptlk would create in order to test Superman's patience and nerves. His impressionability and gullibility could serve for some interesting moments: heroes being fooled by his infantile bahavior trying to convince him of becoming a good guy; villains manipulating him to do thier biddings (imagine someone like Toy Master having him as his personal army in exchange for sweets and playthings). Above all, his aforementioned personality quirks as well the absurd nature of his powers (turning people into candies, gaining the powers of others through absorbtion among his more converntional super strenght, speed and regeneration) could make him a perfect silver age tribute character, encompassing the era's campiness, monumentality and at times absurdity.

Well, that's my two cents. Who'd you guys pick?

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the concept of Sailor Senshi

gaurdians of planets, stars, asteroids

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Seinen Characters

and Doraemon

In marvel as a defector from Kang to help the avengers

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Only one & thats the Man with the seven Scars Kenshiro :)

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@TheBigRedCheese said:


He'd be an awesome comic villain.

I don't know if he would fit in anyone's universe specifically, but Gatts from Berserk would be awesome having his own independent comic. Either done by Image, Dark Horse, or IDW.

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@Uno_Oscuro: yea i agree gutts would make a great dark horse dynamite character...

and although i m nt really a fan i think DBZ characters are the closest they have to comic book characters

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@Uno_Oscuro: I'm sure a story involving Booster Gold could be made.

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Depends on which Majin Buu you are using.

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Goku and the Great Sayiaman

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None, All the villains would most likely just be Aliens/Demons and most of the heroes will be Iron Fist level heroes.

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Wow, everyone, thanks for all your comments!

@Agent9149: Creating some planet themed entities isn't a bad idea. One could imagine a universe where all of our solar system's planets are populated and each choose their single most worthy and powerful individuals to be titled guardians of their respective planets. No, Captain Planet doesn't count XD

@Rumble Man: LOL, I love Doraemon! Imagine him, Tottoro and Squirrel Girl man handling Galactus!

@TheBigRedCheese: Jinkies, where did you get that epic painting of Cell? It's absolutely gorgeous! On top of that, the rich fat guy cell's about to absorb looks like Commissair Gibert ofrm Luc Besson's Taxi. Win!

@Uno_Oscuro: I completely agree, I love Berserk, even if the last volume's felt a bit fillery. Interesingly enough I think Dark Horse of responsible at the moment for publishing Berserk in English.

@Chaos Prime: I want him and Sabretooth have a huge smackdown!

@Jnr6Lil: Nah, not all Anime villains are that one sided. Someone like Johan Liebert from Monster could make a pretty cool Hush-esque villain for Batman. Not to mention that sicko Dou Haguro:

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He's already got the secret identity thing down.

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