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Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place but I distinctly see a lack of Lantern forums, so I'm gonna get one going. Which Lantern Corps is favorite and why? I'm going with the awesome but poorly written Red Lantern corps

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ouch *your favorite*, also shameless self bump

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Indigo Tribe.

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Truth told, the only ones I don't like are the Ref and Violet ones. If I had to go with a favorite, I'd probably pick Blue or Green.

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Sinestro Corps, easy. The power of Fear is my favorite weapon/power source, (No surprise seeing as I love horror movies, Venom and Ghost Rider) and I find myself agreeing with Sinestro a LOT. Plus, Arkillo is one of my fave characters.

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Blue and Green.

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@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26: Its always nice to see another venom fan, and I agree Arkillo is awesome. I wish the Sinestro Corps had a series going on (if they do I am sadly unaware of it and would like to know the name).

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Probably blue or orange. Larfleeze FTW.

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GLC and Sinestro Corps!

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If you like Venom/Sinestro Corps, highly suggest you check out my fan-fic "Doomhound". He was partly based on Venom and

he'll be joining Sinestro Corps.

Check it out and comment here! :-) :




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All will be well with the Blue light.

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The Blue Lantern Corps, particularly because years ago back in undergrad I gave myself the moniker "The Man of Hope." Additionally, I believe that if a Blue Lantern Ring were ever to select a human from Earth, I'd be the one to receive it. Better still, I'm fairly positive that my best friend and former roommate would receive the Green Lantern Ring for his indomitable strength of will, meaning that I'd have a friend to fight alongside. Plus, who wouldn't want to be based on Odym?

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Redmasks new theme song

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Green. I like a lot of their members, while I only like about one or two people out of each of the other Corps.

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@RedMask1: I agree with you. My favorite is the poorly written Red Lantern Corps.

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Red. I like the idea of burning everything.

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In fearful day, in raging night, with strong hearts full, our souls ignite! When all seems lost in the War of Light, look to the stars, for hope burns bright!

Love Larfleeze too, but the Orange Lanterns aren't really a corp, just Larfleeze. I do enjoy the Red Lanterns, but I feel like Atrocitus and his never changing story drags the book down. Something more focused on the actual corps, with maybe Bleez as the central character, would be a big improvement.

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I love the creepy back-story behind the Indigo Lanterns, and if i were apart of a lantern corps, i'd probably be one of them. The Blue Lanterns are also very cool, but a little to peaceful for me.

The Orange Lantern is totally the coolest though, he's hilariously awesome and hilarious, i also like his funny constructs and greedy self-centered personality

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The originals, Green and Yellow. I like the others in varying degrees but unlike these two they don't really seem to serve a real purpose, they just... exist.

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I like Hope more than anything it is positive, and I lack will power. I need to be emotionally invested to give something my all. With that being said I'd pick The Red Lanterns.

Why? Candy Apple is my favorite color, and everyone say I have a Big Heart but a even bigger Anger Management problem. XP


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Red Lanterns.