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1)Dick Grayson

2)Jason Todd

3)Tim Drake

4)Stephanie Brown

5)Damian Wayne

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I think match most with Jason.

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Dick or Tim. Probably Dick.

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Tim Drake.

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Probably Jason, which makes sense since I hate the pr*ck.

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Jason or Damien.

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@serpent222 said:

Tim Drake.

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I like Damian the most, because I feel he's the first Robin to bring something new to the table in a long, long while (no, he and Todd are not similar enough to negate that for me). As for who I'd "match" best with, I'm thinking it would probably be Grayson.

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I like Damian, followed by Dick, but I'm probably most like Tim. Quiet and a bit of a computer nerd.

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Probably Stephanie Brown because she is a girl, and I am a girl also

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Tim or Jason.

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Dick always dick. Gota love Dick....I said dick to much.

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Dick or Stephanie xD

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i can never decide who i prefer out of Dick or Tim but i am probably more like Dick

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I like Tim the most, but I'm probably most like Jason, even though I'm not a fan of him.

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Tim Drake

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Like Steph the most (thank you for including her. Finally someone who acknowledges her as Robin), but I probably match with Jason the most.

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Damian. I had a sheltered existence growing up that wasn't like most kids. I also went to work earlier than most kids. My circle of friends is small, but I'm loyal to my people. Oh yeah, and my dad is pretty badass at what he does...and I'm pursuing a similar vocation.

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I would probably be like damian or tim.

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Tim Drake!!!!!!!!

maybe Dick a bit, in certain departments..... <-<

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Tim Drake with a little bit of Dick Grayson.

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Not remotely close to any of them.

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Probably Stephanie, even though I'm a guy. She was in way over her head and died because of it. That's pretty much right.

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probably Damian I've been trained to be a killing machine since birth

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Not Damian Wayne becuase i wasnt trained from birth. but i am kind of annoying.

Not Jason Todd cause ive had a sheltered life and nt a streetwise thug.

Not Stephanie Brown cause im not a girl, but if i tried being robin id probably die too.

Not Tim Drake becuase i suck with computers or anything tech. i am a geek though.

probably Dick Grayson cuase hes my favorite and i used to tumble and im a blackbelt.

so ima mixture of everyone other than jason pretty much

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Neither. I wish I matched to one of them. And what about Carrie Kelly?

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Dick. Definitely Dick.

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Steph, inexperienced and not really the best choice for the job.

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Jason, easiest question I've had to answer on CV in a long time.

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Guess I'm most like Tim but I like Dick and Damian the most

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Damian is awesome, but I'll have to say Tim, since he's drawn to "brainy" things (tech, problem solving, etc) (as opposed to Dick who's more of an athlete, Jason who's "street wise", etc etc)

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i'm most like grayson,  followed by jason todd.  

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@haydenclaireheroes said:

Probably Stephanie Brown because she is a girl, and I am a girl also

That has to be the lamest reason on this thread.

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Bruce Wayne

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Tim Drake

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Dick or Tim

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I would say Dick or Tim...more so Dick though.

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@Markus_Langbourn said:

Probably Jason, which makes sense since I hate the pr*ck.


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Maybe Grayson because of my personality but I could also be Jason because I would kill to win against a villain.

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I think I'm a tim

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Probably Tim.

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More I think about it, I also match with Steph in certain aspects (even though I'm male).

So a combination between Jason & Steph.