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Iron Man has better Tech,..

Bats is a better hero. not by much though.

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I would say Batman, generally because he is very resourceful in terms of what he has to work with. In the Nolan films, Batman generally gets a demonstration of the tech available to him, and then uses it to good effect at the end, while delivering an entertaining thrill in the process.

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Batman because hes the best superhero and has the best tech

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come on! Ironman best tech you should to a cyborg vs ironman best tech.... that goes to cyborg

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Marvel IMO has the three best/greatest tech based heroes.

Reed Richards

Hank Pym

Tony Stark

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Iron Man.

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Batman as he is the batman.

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Iron Man...his abillity is actually all about tech, while batman would always be a combat person first

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I go with Ironman, well because he's got cooler gadgets than batman! Well if batman would've made an armor........

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Iron man and that is coming from a bat-fan.

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Better tech--Iron Man

Powers of Deduction--Bats (who is very close when it comes to technology and its uses to Iron Man, so when you put those things together...)

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Brainiac 5 
All other posts are false 

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Iron Man's only shtick is tech and alcohol.