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Poll: Which is currently the best ongoing lantern series? (28 votes)

Red Lantern 29%
Green Lantern Corps 11%
Green Lantern New Guardians 11%
Green Lantern 29%
Larfleeze 21%

With the, slightly, new creative teams of the lantern books having spent time and released a relatively good amount of issues, I ask you viners which is the best current lantern ongoing series for you? Whether its the writer, artist, favourite lantern colour, corps, or character its up to you!

Feel free to give some or any reasoning as to why you made the choice you did.

This is just to get a feel for which current lantern creative team/title you viners feel is doing the best job up to now.

Fire away viners!

Note: I added Larfleez simply because he applies to the lantern universe, plus I felt bad leaving him out of this poll.

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Larfleeze. All the other titles have been sub par.

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Green Lantern

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Larfleeze all the way.

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Red Lanterns > Green Lantern New Guardians > Green Lantern > Larfleeze > Green Lantern Corps imo

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1. Red Lanterns

2. Larfleeze

3. Green Lanterns: New Guardians











Green Lantern / Green Lantern Corps

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Creative teams:

Red Lantern - Charles Soule(w)/Alessandro Vitti(a)

Green Lantern Corps - Van Jensen(w)/Bernard Chang(a)*

Green Lantern New Guardians - Justin Jordan(w)/Bradley Walker(a) Andrew Hennessy(a)

Green Lantern - Robert Venditti(w)/Billy Tan(a)

Larfleeze - Keith Giffen(w)/J.M.DeMatteis(a)

*Robert Venditti has also co-wrote some of the Green Lantern Corps issues as of late.

This is just a list of the latest creative teams for each series, but obviously keeping in mind that most lantern series don't have the same artist for all the issues. Hopefully this makes the decision that little bit easier for you guys.

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Larfleeze, New guardians, Reds, GL, Corps.

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Green Lantern New Guardians seems to be a bit of a hit-and-miss title with you guys, any reasoning as to why?

Larfleeze, suprisingly to say the least, is currently ahead with Green Lantern and Red Lantern holding joint second.

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GLC is dire

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Red Lanterns

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Red, followed by Corps then NG then GL. I don't read Larfleeze.

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Green Lantern

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It's impressive that all of the Green Lantern titles are still continuing without a single cancellation. Even Superman: Unchained was cancelled.

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@viperking: They're even bringing out Sinestro's solo ongoing title soon, I think it comes out in April. The lantern books are doing pretty well.

At the moment it looks like a fairly good advantage for Green Lantern with Larfleeze and Red Lantern close behind. Surprised to see NG doing so bad.

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@enigmalantern: I know, I can't wait! I honestly wish that the Blue Lantern Corps was still here though. I'm actually quite upset that even Saint Walker lost his ring.

I liked all four titles but I dropped Red Lanterns once Guy Gardner beat Atrocitus. Atrocitus beat Abin Sur without a ring, held his own against Stormwatch when severely weakened, and has killed Guardians, plus he's taken on the entirety of his own corps. Letting him lose to someone like Guy Gardner is insulting, which is why I dropped the series.

New Guardians is fine, I've been considering dropping it, but I think I'll keep reading until the summer for now.

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@viperking: Yeah, definitely getting Sinestro's title!

I'm not sure how they could easily gloss over, both DC and other people, the fact Guy Gardner beat Atrocitus easily - if they came up with some weakness or plot device to remove Atrocitus then I wouldn't have a problem. Out of all the Earth lanterns, Guy Gardner is my least favourite.

EDIT: I think Saint Walker will be featured in the next issue of Green Lantern, I think it says on DCs website.

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New guardians has been my favorite. It has been pretty solid issue to issue. I am. Missing saint walker thoug. but I would say that red lanterns are second.

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Agreed, it will always be PIS to me. I actually strongly dislike Guy Gardner for some reason. I just don't see the need for him to exist. You have Kyle, an artistic, creative, Green Lantern. You have John, an architect, Marine, who will do what is necessary no matter the emotional cost. You have Hal Jordan, a heroic, bold leader, who will fight anyone if needed but without the arrogance in it. All three Lanterns are broken in a way. For Kyle and John, it was their respective lovers. For Hal, it was his city. But then you have Guy, an arrogant, hot-headed, unpleasant, douchebag whose evolution has only made him much "less" of an arrogant, hot-headed, unpleasant, douchebag. So what is Guy here for? He's not that arrogant douchebag anymore, but he's not necessarily a calm, pleasant, clear-headed, Green Lantern. He's just there in some sort of middle ground, so I'm not sure what they want his character to be.

That's cool. Hopefully, the Blue Lantern Corps will begin again, someday.

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@viperking: I agree with everything you said there about Guy Gardner. I'm sure the Blue Lantern Corps will start again soon, I can't see how they can wipe out an entire corps and make it permanent. But this is DC we're talking about so..

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Red Lanterns. Guy FTW.

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I only read GL and GL:NG. Between those two, I'm going to say GL. GL:NG has been kinda a meh.. as of late. I loved it since issue one, but it hasn't been impressive as of late.