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Poll: Which is better Marvel's MAX or DC's Vertigo? (39 votes)

Vertigo 90%
MAX 10%
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From what I hear, vertigo is better because it knows that cross continuity gets annoying.

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Vertigo has a richer history, broader selection of titles and is still going strong.

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Vertigo is much, much better.

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Vertigo of course. I actually hear people talking about Vertigo.

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I love both!

Can't bring myself to choose. :/

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Lol this is not even a competition. Vertigo stumps.

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Vertigo is much better because they don't have to worry about Canon and even deal pretty good crossing over into the regular DCU: Swamp Thing, Constantine and even Sandman. Would loved to have seen Cassady from Preacher show up at Guy Gardner's Warriors bar 'tho.

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ATM vertigo cuz does any1 read current MAX series but the old daredevil & punisher MAX series were great

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The eff is MAX? I guess that means Vertigo.

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I voted max to mess up the effectiveness of the poll! Ahhahahahahah

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Vertigo is much better, the Wake is amazing!

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Vertigo. I don't really read MAX but I love Vertigo.

The eff is MAX? I guess that means Vertigo.

MAX is Marvel's "Mature Reading" branch. It's within Marvel continuity, just has cursing and sex and more killing.

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Vertigo and it's nowhere near close.

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Vertigo is way better.

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Vertigo. Nobody who has actually read Vertigo would vote for MAX.

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Never read any Vertigo stuff and I'm a huge Punisher fan. Obviously I choose MAX.

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