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The reason I want to know which idea is better is that they share similar elements so I’d rather focus on one, also I haven’t given any characters names yet so the “hero” is the main character in the first idea as is the “chosen one” in the second idea. Also don’t feel like you have to vote for an idea, if you don’t like them or think they are unoriginal than just vote for the third option.

Idea #1

After a heated argument with his parents a fifteen year old runs away (intending to return in an hour or two), while out a tear in reality opens, he’s sucked through and finds his way into the otherworld (a mythical dimension in Celtic mythology that is the realm of the dead as well as the home of gods, spirits and other magical things) and isn’t able to leave until years later (though originally he didn’t want to leave, he wanted to explore the otherworld) when another, larger, tare between the two worlds forms he is able to return. When he returns he has gained supernatural powers (through training in magic and various magical experiences that would be expanded on over the series). At first he thinks only he passed through the tare but after visiting a family and friends reunion he discovers that not only was the tare much larger than he thought and it only partially closed, leading to a number of individuals and creatures coming through. Having little choice the hero fights the evil people and creatures that came through.

Note: So firstly there would be a number of persistent villains as well as the odd monster. Also there will be good guys who came through by mistake, including old friends and love interests.

Idea #2

Hundreds of years ago the otherworld has been sealed off from ours by the order of Druids, this happens during the Roman invasion on the island of Anglesey (a scared island that Celts actually did go to towards the end of the Roman invasion of Britain), in case the Romans succeeded in their invasion and killing of the druids the druids did a ritual that would transfer their magical power to an individual worthy of the power, this person would protect the world from the forces of the otherworld (villains and monsters) should the walls between the worlds ever break down. In modern time this happens, the nearest chosen one is drawn to Anglesey and he gained the power, however he had brought his brother with him (despite being a good judge of character his brother was a Machiavelli type who made him think he wasn’t that bad to get what he wants) who managed to get half the power, he sided with otherworld villains to get more power and tricks the true chosen one into thinking he’s a hero like him to get the chosen one what he wants though the chosen one eventually finds out and stops his brother’s and villains plans.

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They both sound like they could work pretty well but I would say the first sounds best.

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The first. Absolutely.

It's nice to have stories that don't begin in the past...

-Ten thousand years ago a powerful weapon was forged...

-He was the last of his great race...

-The dragons were all but gone now...

Definitely the first.