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Each of the two previous Hulk films (Hulk (2003) and The Incredible Hulk (2008) has had different CGI models of the Green Brute. Additionally, the up-coming Avengers film has a different CGI model as well. Of the three, which one do you like the most? Also, which actor do you think portrays Bruce Banner the best?

2003 and 2008 Hulk CGI Model Facial Close-ups: http://img849.imageshack.us/img849/6003/closeups.jpg:

2003 Hulk CGI Model Standing: http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/3771/47930522.jpg

2008 Hulk CGI Model Standing: http://img546.imageshack.us/img546/1222/15084897.jpg

2012 Avengers' Hulk Model Roaring: http://img834.imageshack.us/img834/2963/hulkavengers.png

2012 Avengers' Hulk Model Catching Iron Man: http://img543.imageshack.us/img543/8324/hulkavengers2.png

2012 Avengers' Hulk CGI Model on a magazine cover: http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/8496/hulkmusclefitness.jpg

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Those links don't work for me however I do the like 2008 Hulk

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Really? Try them again. I edited the post. If they don't work, then copy them and paste them into your address bar. I'm new to these forums and don't know how to display images in a post. I tried using BBCode, but it didn't work.

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They work now YAY!! hmm

2012 Hulk body with 2008 face would be perfect hulk however I would pick 2008 for my final choice(03 looks too clam) as far actors go I would pick him for Dr.Banner

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I didn't like the movie pretty much but the 2008er flick had the best Hulk.

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I like the overall look of that Hulk as well, but I think that his waist is too small. His lats should be larger. Also, he's a bit too lean. The 2012 version has the best body.

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The one from the '08 film and the current one from the Avengers look the same to me.

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@Vance Astro said:
The one from the '08 film and the current one from the Avengers look the same to me.
Really, the current one looks like a big green Mark Ruffalo...while the 2008 Hulk kind of had his own identity. Meaning he really didn't resemble Edward Norton
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@Vance Astro: I don't see how anyone could come to that conclusion. They look nothing alike. The 2012 version is a lighter shade of green, isn't as lean/ defined, and has a completely different face.

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The one from 2008 is the best for me.

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Now ive seen The Avengers twice, and they did the Hulk to almost perfection (for what is possible with modern CGI).

The only thing i liked with the 2003 one was how he jumped from place to place, he looked wierd.... had a wrong kind of colour, and he looked ''compressed''.

The 2008 was good, no doubt about that, but his face was... it looked too prettyish, well for a brute it did, Hulk 2008 kinda has nice facial features with doesnt fit him at all... and he was too lean, i want my Hulk bulky and huge like a bodybuilder who drinks too many beers - The 2012 had just that, and ofcause he was the most impressive one CGI wise and his face looked good, like an ogre - captured comic book Hulk very good and it didnt hurt that he had a great personality too.

So 2012 Hulk for me... no contest.

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2012 Hulk from Avengers.

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2008 Hulk is the best looking one the one in the Avengers is whack

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Catching Iron Man.

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The Avengers one no doubt

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Avengers Hulk.

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2012 HULK

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the avengers hulk. i like how they made him look like the actor, and how he has a fat belly with big arms instead of being extremely ripped it gives him more of that monster look.

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Avengers Hulk is the look I preferred. 08 Hulk was a bit too veiny for me and 03 Hulk looked like a mean Shrek.

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2003 was really really bad

2008 wasn't bad

but after seeing 2012 Avengers Hulk you just can't look back at 08' and still think it looks good. Atleast I can't.

Avengers 2012 Hulk looks AWESOME!!!! So freaking good and it looks very 60s too, like how he was when it started out

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Avengers' Hulk is probably the best to me. He was pretty much as how a movie version should look.


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I gotta agree that although I don't really have a problem with the 2008 Hulk I enjoyed the look of the Avengers Hulk so much more.

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@BluRayHiDef: LMFAO!

Lost puppy!

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Am i the only one that thinks the 2012 was way to damn small, 2008 was perfect size and 2003 is way to damn big?

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Am i the only one that thinks the 2012 was way to damn small, 2008 was perfect size and 2003 is way to damn big?

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Avengers Hulk.

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The thing that I noticed that my uncle told me is that part with loki he walked like a gorilla. Now to my short knowledge of comics I don't that the hulk is suppose to walk like a gorilla at all. 2008 hulk two reasons is when you see his angry face he ACTUALLY looks scary and that he is more detailed than others. (well to me that is)

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2008 Hulk by far, Avengers Hulk seemed more like cartoony hulk but in no way dissapointing

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Avengers Hulk is the best by a long shot. 2003 Hulk sucks ****s.

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Avengers Hulk looks how I imagine the Hulk should look. And while Hulk and Banner are supposed to be two distinctly different identities, the fact that you can tell: "Yeah, Banner's in there somewhere." Really sells it. Plus, the Hulk is supposed to be some kind of grotesquely huge monster. That not quite super ripped look in the Avengers Hulk definitely has that. 2003 Hulk looks like someone said, "If someone made the Hulk out of playdoh... What would he look like?" 2008 Hulk looks like Edward Norton said, "Oh ho ho ho, wait, what? Oh, you want me to transform into a giant green monster? Make him look like a super model body builder, or I'm out." So while 2008 Hulk looks REALLY good, and genuinely scary when he snarls and growls, he's a bit TOO ripped. He's lean and mean, yeah. But he's more like a large green man rather than a 2000 pound radioactive monster.

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The last one has body hair, which I don't approve of.

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08 was the best of the Marvel movies

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The Incredible Hulk

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2012 Avengers Hulk. I like that they added elements of Mark Ruffalo's features as well.

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Personally, I love the 2012 Hulk from Avengers' look....I LOVE the power and abilities of 03' Hulk tho...So I would combine those two.

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I prefer 2012's model

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That's how I see it anyways.

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Avengers Hulk is the best Hulk, on everything, his design feels more "real".

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avengers hulk. he has body hair like a real man.

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The 2008 Hulk was so visceral looking, especially his fight with abomination. But i do like Ruffalo's Hulk better, just looks more like the Hulk and not an anime, which the 08 one looked like (i mean his hair... damn). Only thing i do prefer over Ruffallo hulk was Edward Norton as Banner, i thought he would've fit the bill. But Ruffallo was good too, especially liked his insecure-ness in his voice.

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I have to go with 2012. Just like others I appreciate the fact that they incorporated Ruffalo's features as well as the overall monster feel.

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2008 Hulk body with Ruffalo's head

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I abhor the 2008 version of Hulk.

NEWSFLASH: Being ripped doesn't make you muscular!!!

1. The 2008 Hulk was a misshapen, anatomically incorrect piece of crap that looked like he was made on someone's home computer!! The lighting and texture was horribly bad!!

I tried to enjoy the Incredible Hulk movie of 2008 but couldn't because he looked like crap! Even the action scenes were mediocre. Hulk never even super-jumped!!!

Did the production have movie have concept art to follow. Who designed the Hulk's body for that movie? The way Hulk looked in his 2008 movie was an absolute abomination!!

It was the single worst looking Hulk I have ever seen inside or outside of a comicbook!!

2. 2003's Hulk may have focused too much on Bruce Banner's childhood backstory but at least their Hulk was good looking for its time(since CGI is wayyyy better than it was a decade ago. Even the few action scenes that they had was better than the 2008-Hulk! They had Hulk hurling tanks, leaps miles in a single bound!!!

The 2008 Hulk' action scenes was just mediocre. They just had Hulk throw around forklifts and jeeps. Who cares??!!! Boring!

Even the big ground smash Hulk gave near the end of his boring fight with abomination felt robotic. Even the way Hulk said "Hulk smash" felt robotic! Hulk doesn't wait for someone to cue him to say his signature line!!

And, yes you heard right the first time: The Fight with Abomination was borrrrring!!

3. 2012 Hulk was the best Hulk! IT was 99 percent perfection!!!

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2012 -> 2008 -> 2003 (EWWW)

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I like all of them. Let's give some credit to Lou Ferrigno, though. That guy WAS the Hulk, no CGI, no nothing. He just used his brawn.

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While I like the Avengers version, the 2008 Hulk is by far my favorite design. The fact that he's more "cut" conjures the feeling that he's stronger & more powerful in my mind (so I don't think it's a bad thing).

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@tdk_1997 said:

The one from 2008 is the best for me.

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Avengers Hulk for me. No contest. The CGI was great! I really like how they made Hulks face look like Banner's. It made the character, and the whole movie, seem that much more real.

Avengers Hulk is best there is!!!