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If you could live in the residence of any comic book character, whose would you choose? Would you choose to occupy Wayne Manor? Dwell in the Fortress of Solitude? Own the deed to Tony Stark’s penthouse? My top three choices would be…

3) Steve Rogers’ Brooklyn Studio (circa Ed Brubacker’s run) – Seeing this spacious studio solidified in my mind exactly the kind of apartment I’ll be looking for when I next decide to upgrade my living situation (I’m renting a basement studio at the moment). You can be sure I’ll be booting up my Comixology app on my iPad and showing it to realtors the next time I’m house hunting.



2) The Xavier Institute for Higher Learning (circa Grant Morrison’s New X-Men) – I really miss dorm life, and if even Beak can score there, you know it’s one hell of a party school!







1) Diana’s royal quarters on Themyscira (prior to Steve Trevor’s arrival) – A secluded island paradise with beautiful Grecian architecture populated exclusively by ageless Amazons with perfect physiques who have never seen a man in their lives? Yes. Yes. A thousand times, Yes!

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Well, it's not a single hero, but Odym, the home of the Blue Lantern Corps would be pretty cool to live on.

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Dr. Mid-Nite's House

I don't know, but since I saw Pieter Cross House the first time, I'm in love with it <3

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death by snu snu much?

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The apartment building owned by Clint Barton. I could walk, feed, and dog-sit Pizza Dog. I could do maintenance around the building, set up the rooftop barbeques, and be Clint's lookout in case the "Bros" come around again. I also wouldn't mind getting a little closer to Kate...*wink* *wink* >; )

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No Fortress of Solitude???

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@IfDCRuledTheWorld said:

No Fortress of Solitude???

It's in a really bad location. Crime is low, to be sure, but a lack of roads or trains make for a difficult commute. Nor are there any decent bars or restaurants to eat at nearby. Cell phone reception is non-existent (let alone 4G service), and while you might be able to get satellite, it won't help unless the power company puts you on the grid (they won't). And the climate is a bit too cold for my tastes.

You're pretty much stuck watching the disembodied head of Marlon Brando talk in a language you can't understand while you wonder whether you'll starve to death or freeze first.

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I'd probably live here. ^

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@V_Scarlotte_Rose said:

I'd probably live here. ^


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Anywhere in Opal City. It was my favorite character in Starman.

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Wayne Manor
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Probably the Toxic Waste Area where Ivy and Harley stay. Isn't a safer place for outlaws anywhere else...Plus I'm biased.

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I'd go with either Tony Starks place, or Titans Tower. One's full of high tech gadgets and the other is a giant letter T. Whats not to love??

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If I had to pick it'd be Wonder Womans. Just cause shes a Goddess.

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New Genesis, home of the New Gods.

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how about.........

baxter building.......

authority...the carrier

dr.fate's tower..........

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Green Lantern Citadel